“Mac” and Martinez soothe business leaders

Living up to his promise to go anywhere and talk to any group that will invite him, newly inaugurated Escondido Mayor Paul “Mac” McNamara—accompanied by newly minted Councilmember and Deputy Mayor Consuelo Martinez—Tuesday afternoon appeared before the Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee to talk about how they plan to lead the city to “the next level.” Theirs was a […]

3rd annual Veterans Stand Down will be Feb. 7-10

When Marine Gunnery Sergeant Matt Foster was in the service during the second Iraq War, he was known for taking care of the men and women who were under his command.  “Gunny” Foster (as they say in Marine parlance) recalls: “My Marines would ask me for help and I could help them easily with things that they might have to […]

8th annual Adobe Home Tour will be in Pauma Valley

“From Mission to Modern,” an adobe home tour in Pauma Valley, will be held Sunday, March 24. Proceeds from the Adobe Home Tour benefit the Escondido History Center, St. Francis Episcopal Church and Pala Mission. The tour  is a project of the San Diego Adobe Heritage Association, whose mission is to inspire the appreciation and understanding of adobe heritage. The […]

I don’t like ballot box planning, but . .


I was having a discussion with one of the movers and shakers in the Escondido business community this week who was a little bit nervous about what the election of the new majority on the city council might mean for the overall business atmosphere.  “I don’t like ballot box planning,” said this person. “I don’t either,” I replied, but in […]

Rome didn’t have a wall


The Roman Empire didn’t have a wall. Look at where they are today. Nowhere baby! The only important Rome any more is a line of ED products for men. Well, yes, the Vatican is there too.  There are also some great two-thousand year old ruins. Which brings me back to my original point. The Roman Empire didn’t have a wall. […]

Back to session 2019

On January 7, 120 California legislators will assemble in the State Capitol to begin the 2019-2020 session.  Almost 3,000 bills will probably be introduced over the next few weeks. Some will be controversial, though I’m hoping that many important issues that face us, regardless of party, including disaster preparedness, water infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, education and many more, will generate bi-partisan […]

The battle over The Wall: It’s a property rights dispute


This week President Trump made his case that a border wall is important to preserve our sovereignty and to protect our resources, our jobs and our nation’s security. His opposition thinks a Wall is nativist and divisive and discriminates against minorities. They see the Wall as a device to preserve white privilege. They say a border wall is the wrong […]

A nation divided against itself… can do pretty darned well

A nation divided against itself… can do pretty darned well In this bizarro new political world where it’s not merely that black is white and up is down; it’s that black is up and white is down, a massive segment of the American electorate is signaling that it has had it with a political thermostat that has only two settings: […]

January weekend rail closure planned

In order to facilitate infrastructure improvements along the coastal rail corridor, there will be no Coaster or Amtrak Pacific Surfliner service in San Diego County on the weekend of January 12-13. On the Friday preceding the closure, January 11, southbound Amtrak R2R trains A792 and A796 will complete their trips to Santa Fe Depot, but Amtrak train A590 will be […]

Chili’s helps support the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project Inc.

The Escondido Elks Lodge along with Elks Lodges throughout California, working in conjunction with Chili’s Restaurants throughout California, is holding their 5th Annual fundraiser for the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project Inc.  This Chili’s “give back” event will be held on Tuesday, January 15, from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. With each event day flyer presented at the time of purchase, […]