Tamale Festival Saturday will celebrate Mexican cuisine

The Escondido Tamale Festival is a celebration of Tamales and all the great Latin foods that have become iconic staples of California’s culture.  The event is this Saturday, November 3, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Grape Day Park.  It’s a look back at the history of the Spanish and Mexican settlers who have influenced and contributed so much to […]

Old fashioned ice cream Sunday political rally

Sunday it was a combination of old-fashioned ice cream social and political rally as Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen served up ice cream at Grape Day Park to advocate the campaign for Congress of 50th District congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar. The candidate spoke to his supporters during the afternoon event, which lasted about 90 minutes. Everyone got a small […]

Volunteers refurbish history center model train

Thanks to the efforts of four volunteers, the model train layout at the Escondido History Center in Grape Day Park is looking much better, more like it did when it was first unveiled on July 4, 1991.  Train enthusiast Bob Danzl had come to the Escondido History Center in September to do research for a new book he’s writing about […]

Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep seeks reelection

Superior court Judge Gary Kreep seeks reelection. Superior court terms are for six years. Kreep is a resident of Ramona.  Kreep told the newspaper, “I’m viewed by many of my colleagues as one of the hardest working judges. When I go on vacation or get sick it takes at least two and sometimes three judges to handle my cases. I’m […]

Intellectual & developmental disabilities matter

As a member of the bi-partisan Assembly Select Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, chaired by Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D – Fairfield), I invite you to complete a brief survey about the services offered by the state’s 21 Regional Centers. We are currently undertaking this survey for clients and parents/caregivers about California’s Regional Centers to help ensure that members of […]

Judge candidate Matt Brower says he wants to resort ethical conduct to the bench

Deputy District Attorney Matt Brower is running for Superior Court Judge, Seat 37, whose incumbent is Gary Kreep. Brower describes himself as “A San Diego native who left the area when I was a child because my dad got a job in Susanville, where I went K-12. I’m familiar with small towns.” Brower was commissioned a second lieutenant in the […]

Candidate Consuelo Martinez canvasses District 1

Candidate Consuelo Martinez is canvassing the homes of District 1 in quest of winning the city council seat for the district. “I’m visiting houses in the district, canvassing and talking to the voters about the issues.” In the process of doing that, Martinez discovered one issue she had not been aware of: “A large part of Escondido doesn’t get their […]

No exceptions to the rule


Normally, I stay away from writing the “Why can’t we all get along?” editorials about politics. For two reasons:  one is that the premise is so sickly sweet, it kind of turns my stomach. The other is that politics, by definition, is the process of not getting along until one side or the other has enough votes to win and […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Abed’s tirade during your interview, which you so aptly characterized as “enough to scald the hairs off a hog’s carcass,” reveal an out of control and scared mayor. Candidate Paul McNamara has struck Abed’s vulnerable nerves, and the response is classic Abed – flailing, mean, old and tired accusations against his opponents that they are in the pockets […]