Editor, Times-Advocate: Clean water, clean watersheds and clean beaches are intrinsically linked to a strong economy.  Protecting our water supplies and watersheds is essential for California and San Diego County which is why the Escondido Creek Conservancy has joined water districts, business groups, other non-profit conservation groups, and resource conservation districts around the state in support of Proposition 3 on […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: I have watched Mayor Sam Abed, both as Mayor and Councilman for many years now. He does not like being crossed. His response to you is pretty typical—emotional, and vengeful. And, not very truthful.  He claims that Stone Brewery, 24-Hour Fitness, One Stop Systems, and Baker Electric have “located here under his watch.” Baker Electric was established in […]

LAPA – no one’s entitled to an endorsement McNamara!

A conservative Latino’s view on politics...

The Latino American Political Association (LAPA) of San Diego County, promotes leadership and unity while seeking to increase Latino participation in the political process. LAPA’s nonpartisan. We consist of liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and No Party Preference. That’s not always true of Latino groups. When I considered others, many didn’t welcome my ideological views. Eventually, I found LAPA and joined […]

Film portrays Stone’s odyssey to open a brewery in Europe

In honor of San Diego Beer Week, Sweetwood Films and Stone Brewing announce the limited advanced sneak preview screening of “The Beer Jesus From America.” The 104-minute film documents Stone’s often tumultuous journey to becoming the first American independent craft brewery to build, own and operate its own brewery in Europe.  “The Beer Jesus From America” was independently produced by […]

Peralta hopes to unleash punching power in bare knuckle event

Though he has certainly demonstrated other attributes during an extended MMA career, Robbie “Problems” Peralta has always felt that his fists and considerable punching power have been his greatest assets. Now, the 32-year-old resident of Valley Center who spent his formative years growing up in a tough Escondido neighborhood will have a golden opportunity to showcase what he does best. […]

Georgine Tomasi wants to be advocate for children, parents and teachers

Georgine Tomasi is running for the District 4 seat on the Escondido Elementary School board seat held by incumbent Zesty Harper. Mrs. Tomasi was a high school American history teacher for 17 years in New Jersey before moving to the Golden State. For 20 years she has been a representative of the California Teachers Association, serving area school districts and […]

Rick Engel is the only doctor running for hospital board

Rick Engel is a candidate for the Palomar Hospital Board. He is one of ten candidates on a ballot that has four seats to fill. He is a doctor, an anesthesiologist who has practiced since 1989.  His medical practice has been primarily in the Palomar system and he has been part of the medical staff leadership. He was chief of […]

Championing fiscal responsibility remains Ed Gallo’s main cause

Ed Gallo, the incumbent city councilman running in the First District, has his causes. One of them, he says, has always been fiscal responsibility. “I always look at where we are spending all our money.” I learned a bit more about this when we met for breakfast last week at Charlie’s, a longtime breakfast and lunch favorite that is almost […]

Art Association announces scholarship program

The Escondido Art Association has announced its Art Scholarship Program for 2019 which is again being sponsored by Design Moe Kitchen & Bath of Escondido.  Graduating seniors enrolled in any Escondido-based high school are invited to apply.  A total of $1,000 in Scholarship money will be awarded as follows: $500-First Place, $300-Second Place, and $200-Third Place.    To compete, students […]

New lecture series at CCAE: “Roar of the Monarch Butterfly”

A new lecture series presented by the California Center for the Arts and EcoLife Conservation starts off on November 8 at 7:30 p.m. with the Roar of the Monarch Butterfly. Sit onstage in the Concert Hall as Bill Toone, executive director and founder of EcoLife Conservation, leads the group through one of the world’s most spectacular migrations. The monarch butterfly […]