Center presents the 23rd Annual Día de los Muertos Festival

North County’s biggest Día de los Muertos Festivalgets even bigger as it spans almost the entire California Center for the Arts campus, and moves from one day to three days beginning Nov. 1stand going through Nov. 3rd! EVENTS: Nov. 1st:  23rdAnnual Día de los Muertos Festival (5pm-9pm) Come and celebrate el Día de los Muertos with music, art, ballet folklorico, […]

Grand Ave Festival a GRAND Success, say organizers

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce announces that the Escondido Grand Ave Festival Street Fair was a GRAND success!  With the sun shining and the temperature a perfect 81 degrees, many people made their way to Grand Avenue to enjoy the festivities, shopping, entertainment and cuisine. Those who came also noticed a completely different layout.  “One of the objectives of having […]

Last debate gets lively as mayoral candidates take off the gloves

Is the city of Escondido poised on the edge of the Slough of Despond or “already arrived” in terms of America’s finest city (with apologies to that “other” city)? Depends on which candidate for mayor you ask. Last week Mayoral candidate Paul McNamara stressed the “Escondido has problems” side of the equation while Mayor Sam Abed hove to the “the […]

Arts center prepares for annual presentation to Council

The staff of the California Center for the Arts, Escondido was preparing this week for its annual report to the city council at its October 24 meeting (which will have happened by the time you read this.) At that meeting Executive Director Jerry Van Leeuwen, the Center’s board president, Cynthia Weir and staff were scheduled to present a video of […]

Were you misled into signing the Golden Door’s petition?

I understand freedom of speech, but the blatant lies spread by the opposition to the Newland Sierra project did not leave the signers a choice. I cannot sit back and rest until the public knows the TRUTH about what you signed to rescind. Sierra is nothing like Golden Door’s signature gatherers were told to share with you. As a matter […]

Affordable California?

Are you upset about the high cost of living in California?  Some call it the “Sunshine Tax,” the price we pay to live here. But that price has become unbearable and our families, seniors and students are struggling to make ends meet.   Housing costs are a major factor. Depending on where you live, government fees and regulations can increase […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re:  “Abed calls McNamara’s claims “lies Sorry, successful cities don’t have endless ‘For Lease’ signs in their primary downtown place of business!  Nor, do they close a highly used library and outsource another, nor do they spend $ millions in legal settlements over their terrible decisions and $5 million more subsidizing a money-losing golf course–especially when they are […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Zesty Harper wants to bring her common sense approach to a second term”  I’ve known Zesty since she was a student at Escondido Charter High school. The charter for ECH  is a thing of beauty,  it  fosters the best of academia and citizenship.  Zesty is the perfect example of those foundational principles in all aspects of her […]

Letter to the Editor: WE NEED A LEADER WHO LISTENS

Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Mayor candidate McNamara challenges Abed’s claims” I truly believe that Escondido needs a new vision with a new leader.  We need a leader that listens to the people of the city. After losing the East branch library and the outsourcing of the main library, I am convinced that Mr. Abed doesn’t really care what residents think is […]