2016-05-19 E-Edition

City council to consider sewage treatment plant near residential area

Escondido city council May 25 will consider overturning an April decision by the Planning Commission that denied a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to the city to develop a facility to provide advanced treatment of recycled water that the city’s Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF) produces for agricultural use. This Micro Filtration and Reverse Osmosis (MFRO) would take first stage […]

Times-Advocate Shorts

Free Smoke Alarm Testing The Escondido Fire Department, in conjunction with the San Diego Burn Institute, offers testing of smoke alarms free of charge to Seniors, age 62 and over, in owner-occupied households. Have your smoke alarms tested at no charge! If you need a new battery or even a new or additional alarms, replacements will be provided FREE! There […]

Cloudy day keeps Street Fair cool

Kids, dogs and pretty girls

‘Setting the record straight’

Ever since we first laid eyes on that special someone in a 3rd grade classroom, we became familiar with the phrase, “a broken heart,” right? The very first time your heart “fluttered” for someone, the opportunity was afforded for it to be broken. Of course, our hearts can be broken in many ways. The high school sweetheart who went away […]

Regulations worsen California’s housing crisis

~ Guest Opinion

California is the nation’s largest state, with a population estimated at just over 39 million. The availability of housing has not kept up with population growth. As is so often the case in California, government intervention has been counterproductive, resulting in an inadequate supply and skyrocketing housing costs, along with a lack of sustainable water and energy reliability. Programs that […]

Evelyn Schafer, 92, of Escondido was a tireless volunteer into her 80s

Evelyn Schafer, age 92 of Escondido, California died Saturday, May 14, 2016. She was born in Glen Cove, NY, to the late John and Jennie Bergano on February 24, 1924. Mother, homemaker, Brownie and Girl Scout leader, Pink Lady at local hospital, volunteer as a Presidential Election Poll Coordinator, she worked for 40 years into her 80’s at women’s clothing […]



Editor, Times-Advocate: Ron Kenney, your columns bring back great memories of the “old” T-A. I moved here in 1973 and remember being able to walk into the T-A building on Penn Ave and just go to whomever it was I wanted to talk to. Of course those were different times but the paper was a local treasure. Last week you […]

Guinness Apricot Barbecue Porkchops

This weeks On The Menu is Apricot Barbecue Porkchops. It is almost that time again where we fire up the grills, have a few laughs and enjoy each others company outside during the warm spring/summer nights. This is an easy crowd friendly recipe to kick off the amazing weather, that California has to offer. This easy fresh tasting recipe is […]

The behind the scenes wire editor

When I was asked to write this column, it as because of my association with the former Daily Times-Advocate from which this weekly publication drags its name, a name which had not been copyrighted. As a clarification, there is no connection whatsoever between this weekly Times-Advocate and the daily newspaper for which I worked for 27 years, an association that […]