Escondido man found dead in mobile home On the night of Friday, April1, Escon­dido police discovered a man dead in his mobile home after he apparently de­liberately set fire in his kitchen. Earlier in the evening officers answered a report of a family disturbance at the East Valley Parkway home and found the man in a disturbance with other family […]

Let’s visit Escondido 60 years ago

Close your eyes. Try to visualize what Escondido, especially downtown, looked like 60-plus years ago. Impossi­ble, isn’t it, except for those of us Who were there? Well, come with me. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. I’m going to try to paint a mental image of “what was where” that year of 1952 (and right around the turn of […]

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ has great family chemistry

It’s hard to talk about “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” without talking about how little demand there is for it in 2016. True, the 2002 original made an astounding $241 million, setting a record for independent films and for movies that never had a weekend at #1 at the box office. But that was 14 years ago, and the […]

‘Noises Off’ playing at Welk’s through May

“Noises Off” is a roller coaster, side-split­ting look at theatre – inside and out – as a hapless troupe of actors attempt to mount the dreadful comedy “Nothing On.” Door slam­ming, missed cues, and romantic intrigue slowly unravels the casts’ collective sanity. Yet, the show must go on; despite the ca­tastrophe being played out on stage and the vicious antics […]

DBA president Alex MacLachlan details downtown plans

I met Alex MacLachlan last week at Heritage Park on Grand Avenue and Juni­per Street and we chatted about the rain and cancellation of the second Crusin’ Grand of 2016 and about the vibrant nature of Escon­dido’s busy, eclectic downtown on a rain- threatening Friday. “Those guys with those nice cars, they don’t like to take them out of the […]

Local writers release new books

This week marks the nationwide re­lease of “Between Two Seas,” a riveting new book by Escondido author Robert Alan Ward, and “Through Fear and Trem­bling,” an engrossing collaboration by Ward and his co-author David D. Ross. In “Between Two Seas,” which will be released nationwide this week, Melitene is ravaged by violence, poverty, addiction and unrest. The new governor, Trebonius, […]

SD Archaeological Center: turning out future Indiana Joneses (and Janes)

The scene is a square of soil where “artifacts” are hidden away, waiting to be unearthed by grade school youngsters delighting at being little Indiana Joneses and Janes. They sometimes wear pith helmets and dig with as much enthusiasm and curios­ity as any first year grad student. It’s fun and educational and teaches many skills and ways of thinking that […]

Cruisin’ Grand launches with thousands of return visitors

Friday April 1st, Cruisin’ Grand commenced a long summer, celebrating the romance of the automobile on Grand Avenue in Escondido. Look for it every Friday evening until October. Photos by Lenny Kerbs

MET Water prepares to squeeze more money out of Southland

New proposed permanent charges on treated water by the big seller of the com­modity to Southern California could have a significant impact on Escondido accord­ing to local water chief Greg Thomas of the Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District, which serves part of the city. He and his board are calling for a more open and transparent” process for devel­oping […]

Now is the time to defend your hometown from live oak killers

An invader from another country has already devastated nearby Ramo­na, Julian and Cuyamaca. Escondido could be next! What are these invaders attacking? The answer is the beautiful live oaks that give Escondido and other parts of the county their special character. Their favorite victims? The oldest trees, because their thick bark makes the best home for their eggs. The intruder? […]