• The San Diego Sheriff’s Department will hold a “guns for gift cards” event at 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 24 at the San Marcos station. Citizens will be able to trade in their unwanted firearms in exchange for gift cards. All firearms traded in will destroyed. • On Oct. 9, the Escondido police department was flagged down […]

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Water district exceeds mandates for restrictions

Because of an aggressive program to en­force the state-mandated reduction in water use, the Valley Center Municipal Water Dis­trict exceeded reductions below the 36 per­cent mandate in June, July and September. The conservation measures have not come easy for customers or for the district. Over that same period, program implemen­tation totaled just over $212,000 including labor, overtime, special programing, printing […]

Local yoga teacher puts authenticity in pratice

Doing things right is important to Rached Maalouf, the owner of the Sattva Fitness Yoga Center in Escondido. “Authentic” is the word that keeps coming up when talking to him about his yoga business and lifestyle. “Authentic Hatha Yoga from India is what I know and what I teach,” he said, “All of my teachers that I learned from all […]

SANDAG adopts new transportation plan update

The update of the county’s Regional Transportation Plan was approved 19-0 in a San Diego Association of Governments board vote Oct. 9. The update anticipates spend­ing approximately $203.8 billion of expenditure-year dollars for highway, transit, rail, and bicycle projects. The revenue includes projections of anticipated federal, state, local and private funds from existing and reasonably available future sources. The revenue […]

Kallee Crong- McCreery’s Recipes


Kallee is a cook, recipe writer, and a field editor of the Taste of Home family of magazines. Her recipes have been featured in Simple and Delicious, Country woman, and Taste of home magazines. Here is a handy recipe to keep in your box. I recently made enough to serve 800 at a memorial service. There are many versions of […]

Escondido Sunday Street Faire dazzles on October 18

Senior Sheriff’s Patrol members reach community

If you live in San Marcos or Val­ley Center or in any of unincorporated areas of Escondido you have probably seen the Sheriff’s Senior Patrol (SVP) driving through the various streets and parking areas of your community. Have you ever wondered what it is they do? Do you know about all of the free ser­vices the Senior Patrol can provide […]

Assembly Bill 32 will help make the internet more secure


High-profile computer crimes are increasing nationwide, as shown by recent hacking attacks on major re­tailers. The California Department of Motor Vehicles computer system was also hacked, causing a data security breach in its credit card processing services. Even the White House website has been compromised. Sadly, no indi­vidual, business or government agen­cy is really safe online. To help deter these […]