Plague infected squirrel found on Palomar Mtn.

A squirrel caught in routine surveillance on Palomar Mountain has tested positive for plague, prompting County environmental health officials to remind campers and hikers to steer clear of animals in the wild. This is the first detection of the disease in San Diego County in 2015. County environmental health officials reminded people that it is common to find the bacteria […]

Grant guidelines released

On Monday, July 6th, The San Diego Women’s Foundation (SDWF) released its 2016 grant guidelines. SDWF’s priority for the 2016-17 grants cycle is funding employment readiness programs which provide innovative solutions benefiting members of underserved communities in the San Diego region. SDWF is particularly interested in programs that provide career-specific education, training or work experiences that increase access to San […]

Planners should be careful about picking winners and losers

One of the problems with the government sticking its nose into every nook and cranny of existence is that it places itself in the position of picking “winners and losers.” Of course, that is exactly what some advocates of the modern activist state have in mind. But I think that most of us would agree that the public sector shouldn’t […]

So, I was thinking . . .

“The Great Commission…or the Great Omission?”

Boy, have I been thinking! With what has been going on in our country lately, how could anyone not? So, the question becomes, “What do we, as Christians, do about it?” Although we have The Ultimate Answer (Jesus), we certainly don’t have all the other answers, even though there is no shortage of opinions out there telling you what to […]

Political Cartoon

At Pegah’s Kitchen they know your name

It’s like “Cheers,” except it’s Pegah’s, and good classic diner food instead of beer. But everybody does know your name. Well, maybe not everybody, but at Pegah’s Kitchen, (formerly the Westside Café), the waiters and the owner probably will be greeting you by the time you come in a couple of times for the classic American diner fare. “I try […]

29 percent water conservation for May: good news? Not really

Guest opinion—

For May 2015, the media broadly announced that water use was down 29% across California and 48% for Valley Center Municipal Water District. This is good news right? It is wonderful that Californians, with a little help from an unusual amount of rain in May, are responding to the call to reduce water use during this fourth year of drought. […]

Jaguar Soccer Camp: instruction, encouragement and fun

The Jaguar Soccer Camp, which recently concluded its second year of operation, works on so many levels. It succeeds because it does a splendid job of drawing the proper balance between instruction, drills, encouragement, positive reinforcement and making sure that there’s plenty of fun involved. Yes, the core principle of the JSC is to ensure the fact that the participants […]

Letters to the editor

MICRO AGGRESSION: SOUNDS LIKE FUN! Editor, Times Advocate: I read an article recently regarding this subject. Apparently, UC Davis and Berkeley have done considerable work on what they have determined to be offensive comments or questions. Some examples of micro aggressive statements are “America is the land of opportunity” infers the person may be on welfare. “Where are you from” […]

VC teen selected to compete in 34th International World Championships for baseball

Valley Center teen Riley Baranowski, a 14-year-old Valley Center catcher has been selected to be part of the USA Baseball team set to travel to Japan this month to compete for the world title in the 34th Annual International World Tournament. This summer, for two weeks beginning July 31st, Team USA San Diego will be traveling to Nagoya, Japan to […]