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As a member of the Assembly Health Hooking Kids on Fishing

My new Assembly Bill 478, will raise the age requirement for the purchase of fishing licenses by two years. By...

Trout planting this week

Lake Wohlford is having a planting of 1,500 Rainbow Trout this week. That follows up on the similar planting of...

Why is the Escondido Country Club situation still unresolved?

John DeLong and Buddy Flemings, in their Letter to The Editor (TA/February 16 Opinion) suggest that if the Escondido Country...

Church News

Words of Faith: Is immigration a part of God’s kingdom plan?

To say the least, immigration is a hot topic today....

Students collect shoes for children from non-gaming tribes

Three hundred and fifty pairs of new shoes recently were...


Sidney A. Hagen, 95,