People rise to the occasion during pandemic

I think we would all agree that the COVID 19 pandemic has taken its toll these past several months.  We are divided on the implementation of the health guidance we’ve been given. We dislike being cooped up, and miss our social lives.  We are frustrated with the amount of time it is taking for this to pass.  We have fear […]

Learn how to pronounce names right


Oh man, the mosquitos are terrible. That’s what my best friend and I said when playing night time golf when I still lived in New Jersey. We thought we would try playing at night offered for the first time at a golf course in South Jersey. If you are from the Mid-West or East Coast you know what I am […]

America’s children: guinea pigs in a petri dish?

Leaning Left

You know what a petri dish is:  a little glass or plastic dish that you put some cells in, some human cells maybe or some sort of bacteria or some unknown something or other – maybe add a drug, or two – then cover it up . . . and see what happens. Schools, of course, are really just big […]

Jobless claims highlight problems

The pandemic has thrown millions out of work and created massive problems at California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), the agency empowered to provide Unemployment Insurance (UI) to laid-off workers. Between March and May, EDD experienced a 3400% increase in claims compared to January/February. From March 8 to July 18, EDD processed 8.7 million claims, including 6.8 million standard UI claims […]

We may have a baseball season


Welcome to week 17 of the latest pandemic known as COVID19. It is however heartening to know that professional baseball will in fact be happening this summer with first pitch today July 23 contrary to my previous comment that baseball would be another event missing this year. With any luck we may even have the fall classic we know as […]

Going to pick a name? First do some research

Leaning left

First the Washington “Redskins” . . . and now the Capital “Crusaders.” Yep, my very own alma mater, Capital University, recently decided to scrap “Crusaders” and adopt another name for its teams.  Capital U is located in the Columbus, Ohio, suburb of Bexley – way, way on the other side of town from that mega-institution “The” OSU and about 1% […]

80 years ago civilization fought to survive

In early July 1940, eighty years ago, the future of civilization balanced on a knife’s edge as the Battle of Britain began in the skies over the British Isles as Hitler’s Luftwaffe began its drive to dominate the air and bring the last remaining impediment to his power to their knees. In June, Germany’s tanks, infantry and aircraft had cut […]

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