New laws take effect in Golden State


Brand spanking new cub reporter Dart Scooper’s first assignment, upon being hired to ferret out the top developments of the New Year was given his first investigation: To write about the new laws that take effect in California. He interrogated his boss, who snarled, “Don’t call me chief, and while you’re out, pick me up a burger, Coke and fries.” […]

Report all typos!

Because it is the first of the year, with new laws taking effect, and citizens (including readers) are being asked to do their duty and keep the peace as well as obey the laws—we are asking our readers to “report all typos!” Like lice, ants and kissing bugs, typos are a nuisance that can be found anywhere, anytime, and are […]

Asking too much of journalism


  “But it was the Trump campaign’s coziness with so many Russians that made it all possible.”  — AXIOS Online During a recent live radio interview, the host challenged my assertion that recent scholastic and media industry studies (Harvard, Washington Times, Washington Post) concluded that Trump received 90% negative press prior to his election and just slightly less biased coverage […]

Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine!

Southpaw... a leftie living among the righties

Like most people, there are certain things over which I have precisely zero will power. Junk food, for example. If it’s anywhere in the house, I’ll sniff it out like a Mangalitsa pig rooting truffles. Nearly three-quarters of a century ago some very wise lawmakers realized that America had a something of junk food problem of its own: the fact […]

Assembly Republican Leader Waldron Denounces DMV for continued use of flawed REAL ID process

Today, Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron issued the following statement in response to news that the Department of Motor Vehicles waited a month to notify Californians about the federal government’s rejection of the state’s REAL ID residency verification process and continued to issue cards that it knew would require additional documentation: “It’s completely unacceptable that the DMV knew about this […]

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