Letter of Marque a House of Navigation

  A letter of marque was a government license in the Age of Sail that authorized a private person, known as a privateer or corsair, to attack and capture vessels of a nation at war with the issuer at the time when the ocean was lawless and all merchant vessels sailed armed for self-defense. This letter is symbolic, and personal […]

Animal Stewardship

Since joining the Legislature I have authored, co-authored and supported numerous bills aimed at protecting pets and wildlife. Fortunately, most of this legislation is now law. My bills include legislation that created the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Voluntary Fund, allowing taxpayers to check off contributions on their tax returns to support injured or sick wildlife. Another bill prohibits the sale […]

Protecting renters from rent hikes

Nothing affects the issue of affordable housing than that for the plight of renters in the housing market.  Sara, a single Mom of 2, works two jobs to support her rent, utilities, food, car, and kids’ expenses.  She pays the average rent in San Diego North County of $1,588 per month.  A 10% increase in rent would devastate her family’s […]

The New Woodstock?

It was recently announced that Woodstock 50 has been cancelled. The fifty year anniversary celebration of the iconic music festival that happened almost spontaneously in the Summer of Love in 1969 was suddenly abandoned. It had been scheduled for August, to take advantage of the warm weather and summer vacation from school. It was being billed as an ambitious attempt […]

I hate cable news!

BREAKING NEWS: cable news sucks. It’s the worst 6 plus hours of my day. I keep it on in my office, droning at low volume as I write. Generally CNN or MSNBC. Occasionally Fox, if there’s the slightest chance coverage will be unbiased — or if I’m planning on replacing my monitor soon anyway so it doesn’t matter that a […]

Mental health and addiction

Mental health and drug addiction are often co-occurring disorders, with a big impact. I have been working on commonsense, bi-partisan solutions to these problems since my days on the Escondido city council. As a member of the Mental Health Caucus, I serve on several committees that deal directly with these issues, including Assembly Health Committee and the Select Committee on […]

Playing the Game of Zones

To open a store front business, you must obtain a permit, which is administered by the City of Escondido. Many of the businesses that can open in Escondido do not have listed standards or guidelines which must be met in order to secure a permit. They are permitted by-right in certain zones, primarily Commercial General (CG). Permitted by-right means that […]

Inadequate housing objectives in North County


Recently, I offered policy plans for North County to meet affordable housing goals (see Affordable Housing Challenges, January 10, 2019).  I am pleased to update you about how Sacramento has responded to these efforts.  Most responsive to the immediate and intermediate needs for affordable housing in San Diego County, Assemblymember Todd Gloria has introduced a series of bills to address […]

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