All too human . . . and not much of a Christian

As we near the November election, it’s impossible to not think about what happened four Novembers ago, and the rather large surprise that resulted. Yes, it’s understandable why many could not vote for Hillary Clinton (though the majority actually did – thanks, electoral college!) given the flurry of images and swirl of words that painted her as decidedly unlikable. But […]

What can we do about wildfires?

This year, devastation from California’s wildfires is at record levels of destruction – about 3.4 million acres already burned!  We have some of the toughest environmental standards in the nation, but our success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is wiped out by tons of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere by these fires.   The Legislature recently passed legislation to […]

Crunch time for elections is approaching

Are you feeling the pressure? Well, if you are not a candidate for election to any office you don’t have any pressure. But, if you are running for office crunch time is approaching and believe me this coming election is like nothing we have ever seen before. Not that this is a critical election, because all elections are? But the […]

Just how well are you doing? It’s destiny . . . by the numbers

America is currently facing up to a whole range of inequalities, with most focus on two of these:  a skewed justice system – highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement — and an equally skewed distribution of healthcare – highlighted by the COVID-19’s impact on minorities. But we have some basic inequalities that are much more pervasive.  Many Americans may […]

Now it’s up to the Governor

With the final adjournment of the Legislature on August 31, hundreds of bills were forwarded to the Governor, who now has until September 30 to decide their fate. There’s often lots of controversy in Sacramento, but contrary to what may be a common impression, many bills pass with overwhelming support from both parties. This session was no different.  For example, […]

You Can’t Gaslight Me

My friends are upset with me because I won’t watch or support professional sports anymore. They challenge my reasoning on the basis that I should honor “the game” and overlook the politics that has been injected into the professional sports experience. I could do that, but I won’t be bullied. Let me explain … I have been a diehard Padres […]

Safe from the legislature for four months


Well it looks like we in California are safe for the next four months. Safe from what you say? We do not have to be concerned with our state Legislature concocting thousands of new bills to be presented to the Governor to be signed or vetoed. You may recall that this past January I wrote about the approximately 3,000 bills […]

The 2019 – 2020 Session is History

The 2019-2020 legislative session ended on August 31. During this two-year period, 5,423 bills of all types were introduced. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had two unexpected shutdowns, and in the last weeks some members were absent and Senators were forced to vote remotely. At one point, there was an unsuccessful attempt to limit Senate debate to save time. […]

American ‘liberty’ – meaning, get out of my #@*& way

I’ve recently been cogitating a bit about “liberty” – you know, that word between “Life” and “the pursuit of Happiness.” It’s both central to those three goals and foundational to the American way of life — and how a lot of the people in this country actually behave. And like a lot of words in our language, or anybody’s language, […]

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