The difficult goodbye

Ed Gallo Speaks

Some good-byes are difficult to speak especially when wishing loved ones a safe trip back—like when a granddaughter who I have not seen in a year departed from a Christmas visit. Then there are those sayonaras that we can’t wait to sometimes yell. Saying so-long to year 2020, which by the way was also a Leap Year, is one of […]

Kids need to get back to school, sports, as soon as possible

I am a retired Escondido Police lieutenant and currently I oversee the Escondido Police Athletic League (PAL) I have also taught Criminal Justice at Orange Glen High School and Escondido Charter High School.  The Escondido Police Athletic League provides athletic and educational opportunities for youth in the community.  I work with children of all races, but due to the demographics […]

‘7 Days in May’ again or All the President’s Cuckoo Birds

By the time this column appears in print, I may be in chains and headed to Ryker’s Island or some other federal prison. That seems like the ultimate result if retired General Michael Flynn has his way and the President declares martial law in his efforts to overturn the election. Critics will be rounded up and issued striped trousers and […]

Next, after the pachyderms . . . another necessary clean-up

Haven’t we seen this movie before – a Democratic president having to clean up the mess of a previous (GOP) administration? Millennials are likely to have little memory, or knowledge, of 2008 and the first months of the Great Recession. But anyone older than 30 may still recall John McCain — then-candidate for the presidency – sitting stunned in a […]

That which must not be spoken of again

Well folks, only one more week of no doubt, at least for me, the most forgettable year ever and we can kiss 2020 goodbye. I wonder what Father Time will look like? Probably have to be wearing a mask at least—I hope he does as I do not want to get caught in the wet talk from the wheezing geezer.  […]

No facts, no evidence . . . yep, a new religion

Are you at all concerned, at all worried that the State of Texas asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the results of voting in four other states, so to create a path for overturning the presidential election. The lawsuit claimed fraud in those states, offering no common or required legal thinking or supporting evidence . . . nada, zero, […]

Time For An Exam


The chaotic non-results of the 2020 presidential election were not surprising. Election observers have warned that making so many fundamental changes to the election rules would lead to delays and unreliable results.  Trying to bring more people into the system may have the best intentions, but watch out for the Law of Unintended Consequences. Going forward, our nation has to […]

Christmases of years past

Ed Gallo Speaks

Last week I mentioned some of the music and sights associated with Christmas and want now to discuss some of the performing arts, TV programs and movies to continue raising our holiday spirits.  It’s been a few years since The Nutcracker, performed by the Moscow Ballet, appeared at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Just a magnificent and colorful […]

Another TP shortage

Ed Gallo Speaks

A few weeks ago I wrote an article that I thought would be the last report regarding COVID-19. As soon as San Diego County was moved a notch from Red to Purple the hoarders hit the food markets en masse.  A few days ago I went into the local Von’s and the toilet paper section was totally wiped out. However, […]

The World’s Greatest Nation does it AGAIN!

It may take China to let loose the worst disease in a century on the world but it takes an America to find the vaccine that will shut the virus down—and our scientists did it in less than a year! Once again the United States proves itself to be the indispensable nation. Once again it has proven that when our […]

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