Letter to the Editor: FORGET ABOUT THE WALL

Editor, Times-Advocate: I have a thought. Forget about the wall, forget about immigration policy, just let everyone in. Then when tax rates soar to 90% to cover all the freebies we offer illegals, then people might re-consider a wall. These are dangerous times. LAWRENCE STENECK, Escondido


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Mac” and Martinez soothe business leaders” Mayor, nobody wants to invest, purchase a home, start a business in Escondido, wanna know why?  (1) Nobody wants to spend $450.000 plus on a home for twenty years when the neighborhood will tank.  Endless school and municipal bond measures passing, makes your property worthless, why take a loss when your […]

I don’t like ballot box planning, but . .


I was having a discussion with one of the movers and shakers in the Escondido business community this week who was a little bit nervous about what the election of the new majority on the city council might mean for the overall business atmosphere.  “I don’t like ballot box planning,” said this person. “I don’t either,” I replied, but in […]

Rome didn’t have a wall


The Roman Empire didn’t have a wall. Look at where they are today. Nowhere baby! The only important Rome any more is a line of ED products for men. Well, yes, the Vatican is there too.  There are also some great two-thousand year old ruins. Which brings me back to my original point. The Roman Empire didn’t have a wall. […]

Back to session 2019

On January 7, 120 California legislators will assemble in the State Capitol to begin the 2019-2020 session.  Almost 3,000 bills will probably be introduced over the next few weeks. Some will be controversial, though I’m hoping that many important issues that face us, regardless of party, including disaster preparedness, water infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, education and many more, will generate bi-partisan […]

The battle over The Wall: It’s a property rights dispute


This week President Trump made his case that a border wall is important to preserve our sovereignty and to protect our resources, our jobs and our nation’s security. His opposition thinks a Wall is nativist and divisive and discriminates against minorities. They see the Wall as a device to preserve white privilege. They say a border wall is the wrong […]

A nation divided against itself… can do pretty darned well

A nation divided against itself… can do pretty darned well In this bizarro new political world where it’s not merely that black is white and up is down; it’s that black is up and white is down, a massive segment of the American electorate is signaling that it has had it with a political thermostat that has only two settings: […]

Affordable Housing Challenges


Affordable Housing must remain among the most important of our community priorities.  Adequate and affordable housing is a pillar of the “pursuit of happiness” penned by Thomas Jefferson.  But what do policymakers mean when they say: “affordable housing?” We all love North San Diego County.  But San Diego is still one of the least affordable places in which to live […]

New laws take effect in Golden State


Brand spanking new cub reporter Dart Scooper’s first assignment, upon being hired to ferret out the top developments of the New Year was given his first investigation: To write about the new laws that take effect in California. He interrogated his boss, who snarled, “Don’t call me chief, and while you’re out, pick me up a burger, Coke and fries.” […]

Report all typos!

Because it is the first of the year, with new laws taking effect, and citizens (including readers) are being asked to do their duty and keep the peace as well as obey the laws—we are asking our readers to “report all typos!” Like lice, ants and kissing bugs, typos are a nuisance that can be found anywhere, anytime, and are […]

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