America’s greatest party

America’s greatest political party is not the Democrats. And it’s not the Republicans. It’s neither Independents nor Greens. It doesn’t have a formal name or political manifesto. It doesn’t even have an emailing list or a page on social media. Yet, in election after election, far more of this group is represented than any individual party — often more than […]

Learning To Fly


I recently read a disturbing report about a local community college. Palomar College is a great asset to North San Diego County. It serves is a bridge for our young adults.  It provides local students who are less affluent or who have lower scholastic qualifications a pathway to an advanced education. The report characterized 45% of the 25,000 students at […]

Equal pay is a no-brainer

April 2 was National Equal Pay Day, which marks the EXTRA time an average woman has to work to take home what a man earned last year. As a member of the California Pay Equity Task Force, I am working with my colleagues to identify the causes of the pay gap. California passed an Equal Pay Act in 1949. The […]

The Puritan ideal lives


The Puritan ideal lives strong in our society. The idea that “I don’t enjoy it, so nobody else can be allowed to enjoy it.” All it takes is for regular folks to lie back and take it for the Puritans to win. The old joke is that a Puritan is someone “who suspects that somewhere, someone is having a good […]

The Anger Angle

Logically, the Democratic candidate that lost the last Presidential election should be trying again in 2020. It only makes sense that after coming so close, winning the majority of the popular vote, and supposedly representing everything the progressive wing of the Party wants to accomplish, Hillary would still be the perfect foil for Trump in 2020.  And she could still […]

Modernize California

California is the world’s tech capitol. Some of the most technologically advanced companies like Uber, Facebook, and Apple were born in Silicon Valley. While our private sector can master startups and see them flourish, almost every IT project the state tries to implement  is over budget, past due and outdated.  We should be able to access our government, increase public […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Puttin’ on the Ritz: Groundbreaking Saturday for classic theater restoration.” Love it! I went to the Ritz as a child. My fondest memories were of our uncle Victor home, on leave from the Army, taking all his nieces, and nephews to the Ritz to see the latest favorite movie playing. It touches my heart to hear of […]

Letter to the Editor: QUIT BEING A SUCKER

Editor, Times-Advocate While reading your opinion piece about the glory of rich people I was reminded of a line by a popular radio talk show host, “Conservatives are one of three things, Billionaires, Millionaires paid by Billionaires to shill for them, and suckers.” And since your piece indicated you are not one of the first two I understand why you […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: “Puttin’ on the Ritz: Groundbreaking Saturday for classic theater restoration” The purpose of the building is to provide a new facility for the church. That’s it. The pastor’s hyperbole about cafes and holiday movies for a quarter is just that — puffery. This is not a community building. It’s a church. Scientology also offers “community centers” in Hollywood.  […]

Why did you decide to run for public office?

I’ve had an opportunity to ask this question often when speaking with a number of our elected officials. The answers vary, but there is a common theme: They could accept things as they are, complain about it, or get involved! That’s right . . . they were not happy about something or other. Simply running for office is an arduous […]

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