America – the alternative . . .

Leaning Left

I’ve always been a reader and early on one of my favorite reads was science fiction. I’m especially addicted to the sub-genre of dystopian fiction, the stories of faraway worlds – in time or in space – with disturbing cultural norms or  technological nightmares, from slightly off-kilter to straight-on horrific. So as someone living in the year 2020, in the […]

Good news about our ‘Hidden vale’


It’s time for another good news column or should I say just a good news column as opposed to the normal bad news being broadcast and published every day nationwide. I will focus mostly on Escondido since, believe or not, there is good news about the beautiful “Hidden Vale” that we call home. Anyone who has lived here more than […]

Budget update

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, state revenues began to plummet, while spending on unemployment insurance and social programs increased exponentially. The result — our $21 billion surplus suddenly transformed into a $54.3 billion deficit.  The budget that passed on June 15th was the beginning of discussions between the Governor and the Legislature over a series of trailer bills that implement […]

Time for another look

How long has it been since you heard anything about CV-19? Yeah, I know it’s like very fifteen minutes but then it is no doubt the most important event happening in our lives. Many new cases are being reported nationwide but I believe that to be the result of more testing being done.  Now California is perilously close to having […]

COVID-19 can’t stop our community

The year 2020 isn’t the year any of us dreamed of. The one-two punch of coronavirus and the bruising economic recession it left behind have been devastating to so many families. No one knows when we’ll return to “normal” or what that will even look like. Despite the many troubles we’ve encountered this year, I’ve never felt prouder to be […]

‘A few bad apples’ . . . really?

Leaning left . . .

Currently, we are getting two starkly opposed views explaining the unlawful, often violent behavior in American policing that we are seeing these days, nearly every week:  one explanation — that it’s simply the presence of “a few bad apples” and that the majority of police actually work to serve and protect and aren’t representative of all policing; the other explanation […]

The invisible white privileges

Americans, in particular white Americans, should be getting the message, the message that a large and significant number of people in this country cannot be certain about the day-to-day safety of their children, their friends, their family. That when going off to school, or on an errand around the corner, or out jogging, or just driving around, being a person […]

Minerva Scholarship: Helping Young Women Achieve Their Goals

One of my passions in public service is encouraging young women to fulfill their life’s potential by taking full advantage of available educational opportunities.  As Minority Leader and a member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, I am happy to spread the word about the Minerva Scholarship program, established by the Women in California Leadership Foundation to educate, support and empower […]

It’s our history too; you can’t destroy it

It’s a cliché I hesitate to repeat, but clichés are, after all, based on truth. So here’s George Santayana’s aphorism “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” When I was going to college, a professor advised, “Those who fail History are doomed to repeat it!” The character Merlin in the film “Excalibur” warned, “For it is […]

The highest mountain in Kansas

The highest “mountain” in Kansas is called Mount Sunflower. Not really a mountain, it is the highest natural point in Kansas at about 4,000 feet above sea level. It is more like a rolling hill than a peak. You could fall off it and maybe sprain your ankle. Tourists  frequently stop to take selfies next to the modest metal marker.  […]

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