The Truth About Proposition 13


Recently, our Assemblymember stated that Proposition 13 protections would be “weakened” by what she coins in partisan terms as “split roll” proposals.  I am disheartened when elected officials phrase facts in such partisan terms and leave our community confused about true facts.  Follow the money and then you find the basis for partisanship.  Here is the truth: The name of […]

Wise saving for California

California appears to be flush with cash. Last November, the Legislative Analyst’s office reported a $14.8 billion surplus for the fiscal year beginning July 1. That was later updated to a projected $20.6 billion, while Governor Newsom’s finance department is predicting a surplus of $21.4 billion. Unfortunately, that surplus can quickly disappear. During the Great Recession, California faced annual budget […]

This just in: The president is toast!

This just in! The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is toast. There IS a smoking gun! There is talk of impeachment. This is definitely the end of the Donald Trump presidency. Without a doubt. All kidding aside. You can take it to the bank. The media is breathless with excitement! Today, January 19 will be a day for […]

Build the darned wall!

Yup. That’s really ol’ carry-me-out-in-a-box Democrat Charlie lib who’s saying that. Build it from sea to shining sea, as the president is fond of saying. Make it out of steel, concrete… the Kevlar material his suits seem to be made of (up til now) for all I care. But, for any person for whom national security is of paramount importance, […]

Having a conversation about parking

I don’t think a week goes by without a conversation regarding parking in downtown Escondido.  Some say parking is an issue; others say it is a perceived issue.  So who is right? Parking in Escondido has changed over the century. I have no doubt that in 1888 there was ample space to tie your horse up. But as transportation evolved […]

Big issues on the table

We have a new Governor, a new budget plan and a new legislative session that just began. Needless to say, many very important issues will be discussed in Sacramento over the coming months. The budget’s education initiatives would freeze UC and CSU tuition, make the first two years at community colleges free, make Cal-Grants more widely available and expand other […]

Trump is a needed emetic


Trump Is rude, crude and crass, and he may just be the emetic the Republic has needed to show how corrupt and entrenched some of the country’s elites have become over the years. An emetic causes you to vomit things out of your system that you probably shouldn’t have there to begin with. Things that are rotting in your innards. […]

Split Roll?

As most of you know, Proposition 13 limits annual property tax increases to a maximum of 2% each year and continues to save California homeowners money ever since it was overwhelmingly passed by voters in 1978. Unfortunately, proposals to weaken Prop. 13 protections are on the table this year. Under the “split roll” proposal, Prop. 13 would remain in place […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Rome didn’t have a wall” is waiting for your approval Poor choice of analogy, David. Rome did have walls around the central city–many remnants are still in use. The Roman Empire, however, failed not because of too few walls but because it tried to control too many lands and stretched its resources too thin. There’s a lesson […]


Editor, Times-Advocate:  I want to work with Mayor and Deputy Mayor, to overcome common beliefs often held by business leaders that efforts to achieve economic progress and prosperity are in conflict with goals for environmental quality, planet sustainability, and renewable energy.  As recognized in City of Escondido’s CEDS document, these objectives are not mutually exclusive after all, and this forms […]

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