Top of Agenda: Homelessness

In his State of the State address, Governor Newsom made homelessness a top priority. He also noted that California is the world’s fifth-largest economy, the richest state in the richest nation, but with massive poverty in our midst. The disgraceful evidence of that poverty can be seen in homeless people on our streets with encampments stretching from Mexico to Oregon.  […]

An eclectic column


Kudos, fist pumps, high fives and attaboys to all the mail carriers who have lugged thousands of political mailers and stuffed our mail boxes over the past month. My gosh, it seems almost every day I received at a minimum three mailers from every campaign be it for a candidate for office or the measures that are on the ballot […]

Both should be ashamed

As someone who normally votes Republican, I must say that I’m totally ashamed of the two leading GOP candidates for the 50th Congressional District, Carl DeMaio and Darrell Issa and their toxic, take no prisoners, scorched earth, leave nothing for the survivors campaigning for the top spot to face the Democrat Ammar Campa-Naajar. These two have turned the nominating process […]

Protecting our data privacy


Our personal data is valuable, needing secure protection in this digital age.  In 2018, Governor Brown signed California’s Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), the toughest, most far-reaching data protection law ever passed in the United States. Though the law was passed in 2018, its provisions became effective January 1 of this year. The CCPA grants Californians the right to request that […]

The pros and cons of Measure A


Here are some random thoughts on Measure A, which would require a vote of the entire county when an amendment is proposed to the General Plan. Both major political parties in San Diego County have come out against this one. When the Republicans and Democrats get together to agree on anything, I am reminded of Adam Smith who wrote: “People […]

No on Measure B – The Best Choice!


“Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse, for some.”  ― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale As a parent, I have tried to teach my son the benefit of being the best and not just settle as being better.   I will vote No on Measure B, as the best choice. To a starving person, even rotten food […]

It’s time to clean up local government: Vote Yes on A


San Diego County voters have an opportunity in this March primary to make our government work for the people, not just for special interests, by voting yes on Measure A.  Measure A, the Save Our San Diego Countryside Initiative, is a grassroots effort run by community volunteers. It was drafted out of concern that the Board of Supervisors has repeatedly […]

A passion for the game

First the Chargers left San Diego and now Philip Rivers has left the Chargers. For me, Rivers was to San Diego football that Tony Gwynn was to San Diego Padres baseball. Both quality, family men involved in the San Diego community countywide. I do not miss the Chargers since they thumbed their noses at fans who supported them for 50 […]

Vote YES on B – a Better Choice for Escondido!

By Councilmember MIKE MORASCO and Councilmember JOHN MASSON Escondido residents, along with all San Diego County voters, will have the opportunity this coming March to positively impact our City and the entire County of San Diego by voting Yes on Measure B, the Better Choice Measure. Voting YES on Measure B will create 2,135 new homes and 1,209 acres of permanent […]

Overbearing and over-regulating


  In last week’s T-A Assemblymember Waldron wrote about the 55 gallons of water allocation that the State was mandating. This is just another instance of the overbearing and over-regulating California government. I will show you how out of touch the folks in the Sacramento Capitol are with the rest of the state. She did explain that the mandate was […]

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