The World’s Greatest Nation does it AGAIN!

It may take China to let loose the worst disease in a century on the world but it takes an America to find the vaccine that will shut the virus down—and our scientists did it in less than a year! Once again the United States proves itself to be the indispensable nation. Once again it has proven that when our […]

The Non-maskers . . . death via four sub-species

As COVID-19 infections soar in the U.S., it’s becoming obvious that a large number of us are not practicing the required methods for doing battle in this biological warfare – especially by not wearing masks when in groups, large or small. We have investigated the Non-masking types of Homo sapiens and find they rationalize their behavior in different ways and […]

An event to put a smile on our faces

How about this week a column that just might put a smile on your face. This past Saturday I attended the monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walk on Grand Avenue. This year the event was especially “artistic” with most of the k-rails having been decorated and a few in the process of being decorated. With the new dining and parking configuration […]

Look out, Fox . . . TrNN planning to hijack your audience

Leaning left

While Trump has not yet officially conceded the 2020 election, he seems to have privately embraced the inevitable. And he’s said to be planning a new foray into reality TV . . . and non-reality news. Sources says that before his expected 2024 presidential run, he’ll lay a foundation for that effort with his own TV channel – dubbed TrNN […]

Without even trying

Isn’t it amazing how some people can do the most difficult things and make it look so easy?  I hate people like that.  You have to have enough knowledge about the difficulty of the feat to really appreciate it. Like watching Bryson DeChambeau accurately hit a golf ball 425 yards. He is one of only maybe three people on the […]

New legislative session

The Legislature will open on December 7 with the swearing in of all members and start the 2021-2022 session. Though a few bills are likely to introduced, the day is largely ceremonial, and the new session will begin in earnest on January 6. Next year my priorities will continue to be on the needs of this region. We must ensure […]

It is the time for choosing and action

Note: This Op-Ed originally ran in the Union-Tribune. As regional leaders, we face unprecedented challenges. The decisions we make today to address those challenges will be felt by those we serve long after we leave office. This moment of crisis presents us with a choice: what kind of region, state and country do we want to be? The choice begins […]

Now Morasco is “Old Timer”

On December 9, 2020 two new members will take the oath of office and be seated on the Escondido City Council dais along with one re-elected Council member. Welcome newbies Tina Inscoe and Joe Garcia and the now senior member of the Council Mike Morasco. I’m sure the other four elected will refer to Morasco as the “old timer” but […]

The best, the worst . . . and way beyond the absurd

This is, these days (borrowing from my favorite author) “the best of times, the worst of times.” It is the best of times given a new president in the White House. That good news came early last Saturday morning with the (palpitating heart) report that Joe Biden had won Pennsylvania. Did you hear the huge sighs of relief, of hoped-for […]

No longer destiny

Pay attention. This may not happen again for a long time: I’m going to praise something President-elect Biden said during his victory speech.  “Let’s give each other a chance,” He said. “It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric. To lower the temperature. To see each other again. To listen to each other again. To make progress, we must stop […]

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