Paper boy, collecting!


“Paper boy, collecting”. Ever hear that on a late Saturday morning or afternoon? It was a minor miracle if I collected the entire route in one day.  What was more Norman Rockwell Americana than watching a paper boy or girl on Sunday morning trying to steady the bike with that heavy Sunday edition in an overfull canvas bag wrapped across […]

Broken Promises

The Senate Bill 1 gas tax increase promised to fix our crumbling highways and roads.  That promise was short-lived. Last month, Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order redirecting the state’s $5 billion annual transportation funds from highway/road repairs toward reducing congestion via “strategies designed to encourage people to shift from cars to other modes of transportation” including mass transit, walking […]

Environmental and business benefits

Synchronizing traffic lights will not only reduce the time we sit at traffic lights but will also reduce tons of emissions with benefits to business and our economy.  In response to a study conducted in Salinas, California, five intersections on their main street had installed traffic signal synchronization and saved 15.8 TONS of GHG emissions in ONE year!  Not to […]

Wait Till Next Year

Observations By RICK ELKIN   Drysdale, Maury Wills and Fernando Valenzuela.  Maybe the hardest part was giving up listening to Vin Scully. It was a difficult decision for me to give my heart to San Diego but it was my new home and I wanted to root for the local professional sports franchises, the Padres and Chargers. For the first […]

Some more of Escondido’s big-time assets

After last week’s column I realized there were a few more big-time assets for Escondido not reported. The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is one of only a few children’s museums in the county. This outstanding facility of enlightenment draws visitors from all over San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties. Past Executive Director Javier Guerrero had the vision and passion […]

Escondido has much to brag about


How was that slow transition from Summer to Autumn? One week it’s 95 degrees F and today 75 degrees F. Add to that the fact that Escondido sits on a granite base and earthquake fault lines are over twenty miles in either direction. Oh yes, we get some shaking now and then but I truly believe we live in God’s […]

Supporting Native Americans

The 52nd Native American Day was celebrated September 27, as a time to honor and remember the contributions of California’s tribal nations, to recognize their sovereignty and the tremendous challenges they have long faced, along with their remarkable resilience and achievements. San Diego County, with 18 reservations, covering over 190 square miles, has more reservations than any other county in […]

The less than agile could use a little help at CCAE

Last week I attended one of the most transcendent cultural experiences I have had in a long time, the Russian Ballet Theatre production of Swan Lake at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Although I’m not a fan of ballet, it was a treat to see probably some of the finest ballet artists in the world. This is probably […]

Long awaited projects finally come to fruition

This has been a good month. Escondido had ribbon cutting ceremonies at two looooong awaited projects. We’re talking a couple of decades in waiting. The first was a first class hotel in the La Terraza development adjacent to I-15 between Valley Parkway and 9th Avenue.  As a Planning Commission member in the late ‘90’s we approved the much ballyhooed development […]

Fight or Flight?

This column is an excerpt from my new book “The Illusion of Knowledge: Why So Many Educated Americans Embrace Marxism.”  It will be available this Winter on Amazon. Have you ever had a relationship with someone that displays contempt for your intelligence? They constantly ask you weird and loaded questions you know they already know the answer to? After asking […]

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