The invisible white privileges

Americans, in particular white Americans, should be getting the message, the message that a large and significant number of people in this country cannot be certain about the day-to-day safety of their children, their friends, their family. That when going off to school, or on an errand around the corner, or out jogging, or just driving around, being a person […]

Minerva Scholarship: Helping Young Women Achieve Their Goals

One of my passions in public service is encouraging young women to fulfill their life’s potential by taking full advantage of available educational opportunities.  As Minority Leader and a member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, I am happy to spread the word about the Minerva Scholarship program, established by the Women in California Leadership Foundation to educate, support and empower […]

It’s our history too; you can’t destroy it

It’s a cliché I hesitate to repeat, but clichés are, after all, based on truth. So here’s George Santayana’s aphorism “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” When I was going to college, a professor advised, “Those who fail History are doomed to repeat it!” The character Merlin in the film “Excalibur” warned, “For it is […]

The highest mountain in Kansas

The highest “mountain” in Kansas is called Mount Sunflower. Not really a mountain, it is the highest natural point in Kansas at about 4,000 feet above sea level. It is more like a rolling hill than a peak. You could fall off it and maybe sprain your ankle. Tourists  frequently stop to take selfies next to the modest metal marker.  […]

Our Foundling Fathers


I have some experience with neighborhood bullies.  Recently, a rich property flipper decided to remodel our entire community without consulting his neighbors, so we called him out. He used his wealth to hire a team of lawyers to push us around. He was a bully in a three-piece suit. He won the long legal battle, but we stood up to […]

Lost your insurance? Not sure what to do?

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented impacts on each of us. I know, I know – another Coronavirus story – right?  If you’re one of the fortunate whose work and health insurance coverage are not impacted share this with a friend who may not be as fortunate and skip this story to look at the nice photos and advertisements. But many […]

The inconsistencies of control

Just about the time I think there is nothing more to say about this CV-19 along comes a situation of the inconsistencies in how our lifestyles are being controlled. What hasn’t changed is the physical distance of six feet that we are supposed to maintain along with wearing a face covering such as a mask. Well, except if you are […]

Timing is everything


We’ve probably all heard the expression that “timing is everything.” Some examples would be the timing that Hall of Fame baseball professionals Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams had in using a round object to hit another round object successfully. Or the timing in football of the Rivers to Gates combo or the Fouts to Winslow tandem. They all had good […]

Employment Dept. needs help

Last March our economy slammed on the brakes and thousands were thrown out of work. Millions filed for Unemployment Insurance (UI). The Employment Development Department, known as EDD, has processed $26 billion in benefits over 12 weeks, vs $22 billion during the entire recession of 2008. This amounts to 14% of all claims filed nationally. Even so, many unemployed workers […]

Graduates 2020: We are proud of you

We are proud of you, and so should you be of yourselves.  High School graduation reflects your accomplishment following 12 years of hard work, perseverance, as well as overcoming many challenges, and at times setbacks, as none of us are able to display strengths in every academic arena.  Equally there have been joys in friendships, and at times, disappointments in […]

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