Every vote DOES count


It’s ironic and instructive that, when we had such a huge turnout in last week’s election, we still have several close contests to resolve. Could it be that the electorate has become somewhat bipolar?  Obviously, the contest of the most interest in Escondido is the dead heat between incumbent Mayor Sam Abed, trying for a third term, and his challenger, […]

End of Innocence


As I have related this innocent and yet sardonic story many times, I am sometimes ashamed of myself. It was a Friday, a parent/teacher conference day at my school. I was thirteen, and since students were excused from classes, my friend and I decided to play golf. I can’t for the life of me remember how we got onto one […]

Honoring Service and Leadership

Over the past year I have been honored to recognize dozens of organizations and individuals that protect and serve the public, assist those in need, educate our youth and help keep our local economy humming. Here are just a few examples that make this such a special place.  Charity for Charity in Temecula, my “Nonprofit of the Year,” reaches out […]

The end of the war that created our world


This week, November 11, to be precise, marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the war that created our modern world. The war that was known first as The Great War, also as the War to End All Wars (we see how that went) and the War to Make the World Safe for Democracy—and finally, World War I.  The […]

Intellectual & developmental disabilities matter

As a member of the bi-partisan Assembly Select Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, chaired by Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D – Fairfield), I invite you to complete a brief survey about the services offered by the state’s 21 Regional Centers. We are currently undertaking this survey for clients and parents/caregivers about California’s Regional Centers to help ensure that members of […]

No exceptions to the rule


Normally, I stay away from writing the “Why can’t we all get along?” editorials about politics. For two reasons:  one is that the premise is so sickly sweet, it kind of turns my stomach. The other is that politics, by definition, is the process of not getting along until one side or the other has enough votes to win and […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Abed’s tirade during your interview, which you so aptly characterized as “enough to scald the hairs off a hog’s carcass,” reveal an out of control and scared mayor. Candidate Paul McNamara has struck Abed’s vulnerable nerves, and the response is classic Abed – flailing, mean, old and tired accusations against his opponents that they are in the pockets […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Linda Bailey’s OpEd that people may have been misled by signing a petition so we, the residents of San Diego County, can vote on whether we want more large developments, contains the same smoke-screen arguments that have been used for years to try to justify the negative impacts created by large developments. Although this is conveniently not mentioned […]

Why we vote

- a leftie living among the righties

For those who haven’t already voted in some fashion, this coming Tuesday (November 6) is a glorious day. Sunshine from dawn to dusk, no matter how the sky might seem to be falling at the moment. It’s the day we Americans get to collectively tell the smug and the powerful to go jump in a lake, if we so choose. […]

How the Grinch… err Gas Tax Stole Christmas

A conservative Latino’s view on politics...

The $800 average the Gas tax takes from California families is the equivalent of what we spend on Christmas and shows our politicians to be Grinches stealing Christmas. My mother worked at factories her whole life. She worked hard and sent most of her paycheck back to Panama. My father served 30-years in the military and provided for a family […]

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