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Lori Lyons’s ties to the Sabers were invaluable

By Jim Evans | December 31, 2020

When it comes to local hockey and more specifically the San Diego Sabers, it’s been a year of heartbreaking happenings.  Because of the demise of the iconic Iceoplex, that meant that the Sabers would be forced to leave the Escondido area in search of a new home which eventually proved to be a rink in Carlsbad. But with their departure, […]

White Tigers headed down a promising path

By Jim Evans | October 29, 2020

For a myriad of reasons too lengthy to detail here, the Escondido Charter football team was lost in the wilderness during the 2017 and ’18 seasons, posting an exceedingly disheartening collective record of 1 and 19. Knowing that something dramatic was required in order to stop the bleeding and hopefully usher in a new era, EC athletic director Greg Brose […]