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White Tigers eyeing the big picture

By Jim Evans | April 05, 2021

  As far as the results on the scoreboard are concerned, Escondido Charter was hoping for something more positive than the two losses it has suffered thus far at the hands of Army-Navy (14-7) and a talented La Jolla Country Day squad that was coming off a strong 9-4 campaign in 2019. But though those setbacks weren’t desired outcomes, the […]

White Tigers back on the sporting trail

By Jim Evans | March 04, 2021

For nearly a year, Escondido Charter High School, like the rest of its prep brethren throughout California was forced to halt its athletic pursuits thanks to the impact of the coronavirus. In March of 2020 as elsewhere, sports came to an immediate, all-encompassing and depressing stop on the campus off East Valley Parkway. But now the White Tigers are back […]

Sports begin to stir at Orange Glen

By Jim Evans | February 25, 2021

At Orange Glen High,  like other prep schools throughout Escondido, a limited number of sports have slowly emerged from the oppressive grip of COVID-19. As this is being written, cross country, golf (boys and girls) track and field and tennis (both genders) have initiated practice sessions with actual matches and competitions versus other schools expected to start in early to […]

Prep sports look to get out from under COVID’s shadow

By Jim Evans | February 04, 2021

Up to now, COVID-19 has been like a haunting reality that you wish to escape but haven’t been able to do so.  It has reached into virtually every crevice of peoples’ lives and has dramatically affected our perspectives, our social interaction and freedoms that we simply took for granted. It has created a fearful climate where an incalculable number of […]