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“They Shall Not Grow Old” sets new standards for historical documentaries

By David Ross | February 16, 2019

Director Peter Jackson has done something remarkable and historically significant with his splendid filmic achievement “They Shall Not Grow Old” which is now playing in local theaters. For those whose knowledge of The Great War (1914-1918) is limited to the grainy, jerky, black and white silent films of a century ago, “They Shall Not Grow Old” is visually stunning in […]

Escondido is looking for wizards of OZ (opportunity zones) to spark economic activity

By David Ross | February 08, 2019

The city of Escondido is looking for business people interested in investing in the future of the city’s downtown area, using a new tool that has just become available for the city called an Opportunity Zone or OZ. According to the city’s Economic Development Manager Michelle Geller, “Opportunity Zones are a new tool providing tax incentives for reinvestment of capital […]

City council passes resolution opposing oil, gas leases

By David Ross | February 08, 2019

Which mechanical intrusion into the natural landscape offends more: Rows of offshore drilling platforms or windmills generating electricity in the desert?  These opposing visions were given voice at the January 23 meeting of the Escondido City Council. At that meeting the Escondido City Council voted 3-2 in favor of a resolution “in opposition to federal oil and gas leases in […]

Charity Arch will give Grand Avenue a new gateway

By David Ross | January 31, 2019

Someday soon Grand Avenue will have a new gateway, courtesy of the Escondido Charitable Foundation and an anonymous donor. The lighted arch will celebrate the spirit of charitable giving in the Hidden Valley and provide an opportunity to acknowledge donors by having places on the monument to place plaques. The arch, which will be 40 feet high and 180 ft. […]

NUWI offers to buy out ECCHO members; ECCHO says, ‘cut the density’

By David Ross | January 31, 2019

New Urban West (NUWI) is offering to reimburse those who have donated to Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization (ECCHO) if ECCHO drops its appeal of a recent Vista Superior Court decision by Judge Roland Frazier that struck down their challenge to the 380 unit “The Villages” project. The Escondido City Council approved of the development in November 2017. However, ECHHO […]

Mayor pitches his message over coffee: ‘We didn’t have a revolution, we had an election’

By David Ross | January 31, 2019

Mayor Paul McNamara took his message of inclusion to one of the Chamber’s early morning roundtables called “Coffee with the Mayor” Tuesday, and it was a full table of movers and shakers from the Escondido business world—interested in listening and being listened to. McNamara sat at the end of a long table. He said it reminded him of his days […]

Mayor urges “be bold” on climate action “revolution”

By David Ross | January 27, 2019

The weather has changed at City Hall. One might even call it a climate change that was evidenced rather early in the first meeting of the year where the new majority was in charge. The council moved quickly to address a call by Mayor Paul McNamara: “Some people think economic growth is somehow in conflict with environmental awareness…and I think […]

Mayor promises GOP club: “I’ll talk to anybody any time”

By David Ross | January 25, 2019

The mayor of Escondido, a Democrat, Monday came calling on the Republican Club of Escondido for lunch. Anyone who expected anything other than a polite, respectful reception came away disappointed.  “A wise man once said: ‘If you want to find a politician you agree with one hundred percent of the time, then run for office,’ ” said Paul “Mac” McNamara, […]

Big issues on the table

By David Ross | January 24, 2019

We have a new Governor, a new budget plan and a new legislative session that just began. Needless to say, many very important issues will be discussed in Sacramento over the coming months. The budget’s education initiatives would freeze UC and CSU tuition, make the first two years at community colleges free, make Cal-Grants more widely available and expand other […]

There’s a long line at Habit Burger: We think we know why

By David Ross | January 24, 2019

Just about any time you drive by the newly opened Habit Burger in Escondido, there is a long line of cars in the drive-through.  I think I know why. The newest Habit Burger opened January 9 at the corner of Centre City Parkway & Mission. According to District Manager Chris Folcka, what makes the Habit Burger different from other burger […]