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City council deadlocks choosing successor to John Masson

By David Ross | April 22, 2020

After going through a tortuous procedure to winnow down the nine candidates for city council, the four members, Mayor Paul McNamara, Olga Diaz, Mike Morasco and Consuelo Martinez, deadlocked twice in attempting to choose a successor to the late John Masson in District 2. They will return in May to try again. Whomever is picked will serve until November, assuming […]

Physical therapist keeps connected using telehealth

By David Ross | April 17, 2020

In times like this, rather than cursing the night, Skye Grayson, an Escondido physical therapist, is “trying to be a light in a time of darkness.” Dr. Grayson and his team at NCept Physical Therapy have been using Telehealth for about four weeks to treat patients who would in normal times travel to one of seven NCept clinics and deal […]

ECF lights Giving Arch to honor 1st responders

By David Ross | April 16, 2020

As darkness fell Saturday, the Escondido Community Foundation held a low key lighting of the Giving Arch, the 40-foot by 108-foot welcome arch over Grand Avenue at Centre City Parkway in honor of first responders—and as a beacon of hope. The public was not allowed to congregate to watch the event but the Escondido Times-Advocate was there to provide a […]

New EUSD COVID-19 webpage answers all your questions

By David Ross | April 16, 2020

The Escondido Union School District has introduced a new COVID-19 website (eusd.org/covid/.) It is an improvement over the existing district website when it comes to delivering up-to-the-date information to parents, teachers, staff and others to assist in such vital tasks as accessing low income meals for students or distance learning so elementary students can keep up with studies while campuses […]

Motorists, others may see insurance refund soon

By David Ross | April 15, 2020

It’s an ill wind that brings no one some good. Amidst the truly nasty ill wind that is the coronavirus outbreak is the news that many motorists will be getting a refund from their car insurance company because they are sheltering-in-place and not driving as much. Less driving means fewer claims. And it’s not just car insurance. Other types of […]

Firearms dealers stay open during pandemic

By David Ross | April 11, 2020

In the liberal state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom is widely considered anti-gun. San Diego County Sheriff William Gore is also perceived by many as anti-Second Amendment. So gun owners were rocked back on their heels in wonder recently when Newsom and Gore both announced that firearms stores were considered “essential” industries and would be allowed to stay open during […]

Palomar Health Foundation seeks donations to fight COVID-19

By David Ross | April 05, 2020

The Palomar Health Foundation recently made a large donation to Palomar Health to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak. But it is not alone. Hundreds if not thousands are stepping up to help in one of the most significant battles of our lifetime. Dr. Jaime Rivas, a board member of the Palomar Health Foundation, is also an emergency medicine physician at […]

Doing the most good: Salvation Army triples efforts during pandemic

By David Ross | April 05, 2020

The Salvation Army Escondido Corps has more than redoubled its efforts in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The Times-Advocate reached out to Lt. Denise Litreal, who with her husband Mark operates the Escondido Salvation Army “corps” at 1301 Las Villas Way.  The Litreals arrived in Escondido June 26 of last year. They have two other full time employees at […]

Senator Jones supports Newsom’s reaction To COVID-19 outbreak

By David Ross | April 02, 2020

I caught up with State Senator Brian Jones of the 38th District as he was heading to the blood drive that he held Thursday at the Mossy Nissan dealership. We had a wide-ranging discussion that centered on the state government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. “Philosophically, I want to keep our government’s response measured and caring about our constituents,” said […]

How our lives will change: I shake my crystal ball

By David Ross | April 02, 2020

Our lives change after every traumatizing national or international event. Our lives changed when the Berlin Wall Fell. They changed after 911 and after the 2016 election. And our lives WILL change after the Coronavirus has had its way with us. But how will it change? I’m going to get out my crystal ball (the one with the numeral 8 […]