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Sorry to lose you to Napa, Katherine

By David Ross | January 24, 2020

Katherine Zimmer, who for seven years has been the face and the heart of Visit Escondido, is leaving the city and moving to Napa.  During her time on the job Zimmer has done a great job help to beat the drum for the “hidden” virtues of Escondido—virtues that are sometimes not all that well known to the people who live […]

Farmer Boys introduces Happiest Hour taste treats

By David Ross | January 24, 2020

It’s always a good idea to bring along a good appetite when you visit Farmer Boys. I went to the restaurant on 925 W Mission Ave. (there is another in Escondido on Valley Parkway) and met the shift manager, Rocio Hernandez, who told me about the new Happiest Hours menu and a seasonal favorite soup, the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl, […]

Campa-Najjar opens Escondido offices: “I’m the only candidate who wants to represent everybody”

By David Ross | January 23, 2020

Democratic candidate for the 50th congressional district Ammar Campa-Najjar opened his Escondido HQ last week on Grand Avenue and another office on Sunset Drive in Escondido. This week I talked to the candidate, who said he’s been wearing holes in his shoe leather going door to door, and preparing for the big debate February 7 in Valley Center’s Maxine Theater. […]

Candidate wears out shoe leather stumping for votes

By David Ross | January 21, 2020

Independent 50th congressional district candidate Helen Horvath is expending shoe leather and suffering the occasional injury in her quest to replace Duncan Hunter Jr. Horvath is visiting any group that will have her, and with her team of ten volunteers, knocking on doors all over her district.  Recently she visited an area business group, the Valley Center Business Association, and […]

Consuelo Martinez looks back on first year in office

By David Ross | January 08, 2020

For Escondido councilmember Consuelo Martinez, her first year in office has been both humbling and liberating. She has found that the experience of being on the other side of the dais helps her empathize with those who just want someone to listen. “I don’t do this for accolades,” says Martinez, who in her first year was also designated deputy mayor, […]

The evil that men do, tamales, business, rebirth and dinosaurs kept our readers reading

By David Ross | January 01, 2020

Once a year The Times-Advocate does a survey of our online articles to see which ones tickled the most fancies and caused our readers to keep reading. To no one’s surprise, many of the top stories focused on the evil that men do, whether child abuse, fatal hit and runs, or online prostitution. But our readers have eclectic interests, and […]

Olga Diaz candidacy focuses on climate change, homelessness and housing

By David Ross | January 01, 2020

“I don’t like to rile people up or scare people” —Olga Diaz Olga Diaz, longtime Escondido city council member, is running for Board of Supervisors in the 3rd District, against incumbent Kristin Gaspar, who wants a second term.   The election will be March 3. The two top vote getters will meet again in November for the title. I recently […]

Reflections upon a strange couple of decades

By David Ross | January 01, 2020

  “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.”  — T.S. Eliot The 21st Century is only a couple of decades old, but already it’s acting middle-aged and cranky. Although, on reflection, that could just be me. Recently someone reminded me that walking is an act of controlled falling, which could just […]

Ed Varso named police chief

By David Ross | December 23, 2019

Assistant Police Chief Ed Varso has been named to succeed retiring Chief Craig Carter, who left the force Thursday.  On Friday morning, City Manager Jeffrey Epp sent this note out to city employees announcing the appointment: “I am honored to let all of you know that I have appointed Ed Varso to serve as the next Escondido Chief of Police, […]

Brian Jones touts advantages: he lives in the 50th District and is an elected official

By David Ross | December 23, 2019

State Senator Brian Jones and his wife Heather and their son-in-law Justin dropped by the newspaper office on Monday to talk about his campaign and to tout some of the advantages he has over his rivals for the GOP nomination: “First as foremost, as the only elected official who actually lives in the district, I felt my connection was best […]