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Desmond, McNamara urge accountability for dangerous criminals

By David Ross | June 23, 2022

California’s Propositions 47 and 57 and AB 109, say critics, favor criminals so decisively that felons who commit multiple crimes are getting away virtually scot-free. Several local officials this week highlighted the danger to public safety of repeat offenders not being punished. They held up as a perfect “poster boy” for getting away with it: Craig Blas. Fifth District Supervisor […]

Integral makes $20.5 M on old hospital land sale

By David Ross | June 17, 2022

Integral Communities sold the 14-acre Palomar Heights property to Greystar Property Management for $55 million, according to an SEC filing— which showed that the sale occurred in May.  Integral Communities originally bought the land from the Palomar Health district for about $18 million, and including the purchase price, put a total investment of about $34.5 million, including demolition, debt service […]

City wrestles with painful budget choices

By David Ross | June 16, 2022

For readers who protest “I was told there would be no math!” be warned that the following contains lots of math. Unlike my days in high school I’m not going to show my work. If my numbers are off, well that’s what corrections are for.  Escondido city staff presented a 2022-2023 budget report and hearing June 8 with stark choices. […]

Unions authorize strike but not on strike yet

By David Ross | June 10, 2022

The California Nurses Association and Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union Tuesday and Wednesday voted 94% to authorize the union leadership to call a strike against Palomar Health. The unions have both pledged to give the hospital administration ten days’ notice before they actually go on strike.

Palomar Health Union Update: Response to Strike Authorization Vote June 9

By David Ross | June 10, 2022

The California Nurses Association (CNA) and the Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union (CHEU) have voted 96% to go on strike against Palomar Health, the two unions announced Thursday morning. The union members voted on Tuesday and Wednesday. Geoff Washburn, CHRO of Palomar Health says “We have not received a strike notice. Further, we continue and remain consistent in our efforts to […]

Police Chief: “Our job is to stand between good people and those who would harm them”

By David Ross | June 09, 2022

The May 24, Uvalde, Texas mass murder is on the minds of many people. Besides once again sparking a debate on guns, it has also subjected the police in that town to intense scrutiny for the way in which they handled the mass shooting. Increasingly, it appears that police, after exchanging some shots with the shooter, waited outside for a […]

Council likes term limits

By David Ross | June 09, 2022

The majority of the Escondido City Council at their May 25 meeting expressed a desire to put a measure before the voters that would impose term limits for the council and the mayor. In proposing the limits, councilmember Mike Morasco said, “We did another poll. One item was consideration of term limits. It was probably one of the highest responses […]

Talking past each other

By David Ross | June 09, 2022

No, it’s not the NRA. The biggest mistake made about gun violence and what to do about it is accusation, “It’s the NRA!” This is supposed to explain why Congress doesn’t adopt the gun reforms anti-gun activists want. Starting with “ban assault rifles” plus “end the gun show loophole,” or “more stringent background checks.” This is a canard and one […]

Huckleberry’s opens breakfast, lunch diner

By David Ross | May 12, 2022

Huckleberry’s Breakfast and Lunch opened Monday at 1260 Auto Park Way, Ste. A, in the Target shopping center. Some diners and groups of diners were so impressed with the food that they returned on Tuesday with more friends. Huckleberry’s is a breakfast and lunch concept restaurant that offers treats that fans of Southern cooking and Cajun and Creole cuisine will […]

The real Tony Stark

By David Ross | May 05, 2022

Elon Musk, the “awful” billionaire who has purchased Twitter for $44 billion, has been referred to repeatedly over the last two weeks by some nudniks as a “free speech absolutist”—like  that’s a bad thing. It’s like being painted as a “radical freedom person” or a “idealogue for nice spring weather,” “a charity extremist” “ethical fanatic” or a “low carbs tyrant.”  […]