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County readies to disrespect the voters—big time

By David Ross | May 01, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I generally turn up my nose at conspiracy theories. But there is something going on at the County’s planning department that is worthy of the word “conspiracy,” one that involves the ultimate disrespecting of the voters. Unless I’m missing something, it also has the unspoken complicity of the lame duck members of the Board of […]

Mayor hears about homeless, gangs from town hall meeting

By David Ross | April 19, 2018

Mayor Sam Abed fielded questions on gangs, the homeless and the condition of parks at his semi-annual Town Hall meeting on April 11. The meeting was sparsely attended but that didn’t mean the conversation wasn’t lively.  The mayor gave a short introduction on the city, including the city council action plan. Several other council members, city staffers, led by City […]

Hearing on “sanctuary state” lawsuit was great political theater

By David Ross | April 13, 2018

Sam Abed might have just gotten himself reelected mayor by virtue of last week’s action by the Escondido City Council filing a friend of the court brief supporting the lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department challenging California’s “sanctuary state” law—a law that hamstrings local police from cooperating with the federal immigration authorities.  The only thing that might prevent that from […]

Interfaith helps the homeless get over the hump

By David Ross | April 13, 2018

Walk into the Escondido headquarters of Interfaith Community Services on just about any weekday and you will see the true meaning of multi-tasking.  The Inland Service Center, located at the corner of Quince and Washington, one of the city’s busiest intersections, offers walk-in services. This makes sense: homeless people rarely have access to phones or the ability to make and […]

Local woman wins the Plus Size California crown

By David Ross | April 13, 2018

A woman who is fighting cancer and yet finds that when it comes to parenthood things are “cheaper by the dozen,” has won the Mrs. California Plus America Pageant.  Zoe Sanchez Richardson of Escondido won the crown over the weekend in Anaheim.  She won several awards at the pageant, not only Mrs. California Plus America, but also for Community Service, […]

Council supports fed lawsuit against ‘sanctuary state’

By David Ross | April 04, 2018

After two hours and more than 60 speakers for and against, the Escondido City Council Wednesday night voted 4-1 to file an amicus brief supporting the U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit challenging SB 54, the “California Values Act” aka the “sanctuary state”  law that binds the hands of local police to cooperate with, or even communicate with ICE (U.S. Immigration and […]

New book for vegans, and those who love them

By David Ross | April 01, 2018

James Doolin. “The meat lovers vegan cookbook: How to stay in a relationship with a vegan if you love steak tartare.” 2018.  Miskatonic University Press, Arkham, Massachusetts. This is the cookbook and guide to cuisine that meat lovers who also love vegans have been waiting for. I’m sure any of us who are in relationships with vegans can tell stories about […]

City employees will now contribute more to pensions

By David Ross | March 30, 2018

At its March 22 meeting the Escondido city council took another step towards reforming the city‘s pension system. By a 5-0 vote the council adopted a “Resolution of Intention to Amend the CalPERS Contract” and then heard the first reading of the “Ordinance Amending the CalPERS Contract.” The city has been taking steps towards changing the way the city funds […]

Mentoring program points out paths to success

By David Ross | March 30, 2018

  As the saying goes, it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish, because one way feeds him for a day while the other feeds him forever. Of course, it goes without saying that this truism applies to women as well. The sooner boys and girls are given the basics of social skills, […]

Cruisin’ Grand’s founder talks about what’s in store this year

By David Ross | March 30, 2018

This will be the 19th year for Escondido Cruisin’ Grand and founder and champion cat herder Steve Waldron couldn’t be more excited about the event considered the largest celebration of American muscle car “cruisin’” culture in the United States. “It’s the nineteenth year of Hot Rod bliss!” he exclaims with a sly understated grin. Cruisin’ Grand will return April 6, […]