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City Council votes to seek grant for Grand Ave. Vision Plan

By David Ross | February 22, 2018

The Escondido City Council voted February 14 to seek grants for a $15 million Grand Avenue Vision Plan that would include some basic changes to the downtown. They include: • Diagonal parking on one side of the street • Widen sidewalks on both sides of the street • Roundabouts at Broadway, Maple and Kalmia • Eliminate median and turn lanes […]

Councilman Ed Gallo: ‘We are going in the right direction’

By David Ross | February 22, 2018

Part of a series. The Times-Advocate plans to interview all candidates for mayor and council. We invite candidates to contact us to set up an interview. When you sit down with longtime city councilman Ed Gallo, you are struck by the fact that he still has his New Jersey accent, even though he has been living in Escondido for so […]

Mayor Sam Abed: “I’m running on my record”

By David Ross | February 13, 2018

Part of a series. The Times-Advocate plans to interview all candidates for mayor and council. We invite candidates to contact us to set up an interview. It’s February and with the mayor’s election in November, Sam Abed—who calls himself “the peoples’ mayor”—is preparing to do what he has done twice before: Walk through every neighborhood in the city and meet […]

Old hospital sold for $18 million: homes, commercial to replace

By David Ross | February 13, 2018

Do you live west or east of the hospital? Can you see it from your house? For many years residents have used the multistory old Palomar Hospital (The tower has nine stories and the main part of the hospital has six) as a landmark for orienting themselves. Lots of people, like me, either left their appendixes there, or started life […]

Super gives upbeat State of the School District address

By David Ross | February 09, 2018

Supt. Luis Rankins-Ibarra gave an upbeat State of the School District address Monday morning at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. This was Dr. Ibarra’s second such annual address. It was a joyful celebration of the progress the district has made in the previous year and a look ahead towards achieving other goals. Welcoming the audience Monday was Leila […]

Sure, let’s protect journalists

By David Ross | February 09, 2018

A California congressman, Eric Swalwell, has introduced the Journalist Protection Act to make it a federal crime to attack people who report the news. I’m all for that, since I think journalists should be protected from being assaulted in the course of carrying out their jobs. However, the media campaign that has accompanied the introduction of this bill makes it […]

The insanity of California politicians

By David Ross | February 01, 2018

There is the insanity of mobs, the madness of rabid canines, and then there is the special insanity reserved for the “governing” party in Sacramento. Imagine that you are having lunch at a local eatery. You order a hamburger and a Coke and the waiter brings you an icy glass with the moisture running down the sides and places a […]

City dramatically increases developer fees

By David Ross | January 27, 2018

The Escondido city council recently voted to sharply increase developer fees.  The fees begin taking effect in February. The council held discussions over two meetings in December before agreeing to a fee structure, including delaying some fees for existing projects already in the pipeline. The city is playing catch up for ten years of stagnant fee increases, except for a […]

City gets Schlesinger’s attention

By David Ross | January 21, 2018

Michael Schlesinger of Stuck in the Rough is sort of the proverbial “bad boy,” developer, a spoiled rich guy from Beverly Hills who doesn’t think that the rules apply to him, and who shrugs off city citations like they are droplets of rain falling on a Teflon raincoat. Of course, when people get Schlesinger’s ire up, like the residents of […]

City files 12 criminal complaints against developer Schlesinger

By David Ross | January 18, 2018

The city has lost patience with Stuck in the Rough’s Michael Schlesinger, the owner of the old Escondido Country Club property, and sued him for “knowingly and intentionally maintaining the property in violation of the Municipal Code,” according to the city attorney. This is the same property the city voted several months ago to allow Schlesinger to develop with 380 […]