Escondido, CA

Youth Acting Academy open for the summer

Sunday marked the official open­ing day for the 10th Annual Acting Academy for Patio Playhouse The­ater. Workshops will be offered this week from June 13 to 17 for ages 6 to 16. Classes are held from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. each day. All focusing on audition preparation, stage presence, music, dance, improvisation, charac­ter development and carry out per­formances. Each student will play a part in the Talent Revue at the end of the course.

The Patio Playhouse Theater hosts various events in Escondido. The upcoming events listed for their cur­rent calendar include the music band inspired, Green Day’s American Idi­ot performances from June 24 – July 9 which reflects on the post 9/11 ex­istence in America; and the Disney inspired “Beauty and the Beast” from August 12- 27 at the Kit Carson Park Amphitheatre.

Patio Playhouse focuses on pro­viding affordable theatre experi­ences for thespians and consumers alike. Emphasizing the educational opportunity and personal growth that can be established through per­forming with a theatre group; learn­ing memorization skills, teamwork and adaptation from interactive with groups through theatrical arts is a valuable asset to our community.

The group is federally funded as a nonprofit organization and thrives on donations and box office receipts. For more information visit http://

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