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Your sins will find you out


If you look at your TV you may someday soon see that all of the newsrooms are being filled by women and that all of the male politicians have resigned in disgrace and have also been replaced by women. Gal Gadot may soon be enthroned as the anchor on NBC News.

Are there any men left who aren’t under a cloud, or walking around as if they expect a safe to drop on them from a second story window?

That’s what seems to be happening before our very eyes! In the Life and Times of Judge Roy Moore we’ve got the nut job jurist running for the Senate in Alabama; a creep who implies that it was OK for him to date underage girls when he was in his 30s because he asked their moms first. AND his defenders on the Bible Belt right who have actually said, “Well that’s OK because Joseph was a lot older than Mary when they got married!” As Dave Berry used to say, I’m not making that up!

We’ve got Al Franken and Charlie Rose; both under fire for frat house and bathhouse behavior (both, admittedly, would have had trouble getting dates if they hadn’t used work place intimidation.) I can’t keep track of all the accusations. They are falling like frogs from the sky in Ancient Egypt.

So, this brings up Vice President Mike Pence, who may be the last man standing in Washington D.C. because of his longstanding policy that he never allows himself to be in a position where he is alone with a woman who is not his wife, no exceptions.  It may be that even his wife has to make an appointment.

This has gotten him a lot of ridicule from people who claim his policy is puritanical and from others who claims that it’s unfair to career women, who are, by inference, all placed in the same spot as a potential intern. In other words, by treating them differently than their male colleagues, they are being put at a disadvantage careerwise. So the argument goes.

However, I think the REAL reason they hate Pence for this is because it has walled him off from ever being accused of anything. I’m sure there are some ultra-feminists who will accuse Pence of being unfair to women because he is not allowing them the opportunity to accuse him of something. After all, remember, we have reached the point to where facts no longer matter. If a man is accused, he is, by definition, guilty.

Don’t trouble us with any “We will kick him out of the Senate IF he’s guilty” because IF is considered a weasel term. If a woman claims it to be true—it must be true.

But, Ross, what about “innocent until proven guilty?” Nah, that’s a weasel term too. And that Duke University LaCrosse Team? They should have been jailed even if they were falsely accused because there are so many women have never been believed that it is only fair to counter-balance the scales of justice!

Which has, inevitably, taken us around to Bill Clinton, who for many, many years has skated because he was the darling of the left.  His defenders weaponized the defense against sexual harassment and even rape, with charming slogans such as “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park there’s no telling what you’ll come up with” or referring to accusers of Bill as the “bimbo eruptions.”

Before Bill, there was Teddy Kennedy, who actually drowned a woman, but got off because he was a Kennedy, and a liberal and ended his career as the “Lion of the Senate.”

Now, finally, because the left wants to go after the admittedly appalling Judge Moore without seeming like utter hypocrites they are being forced to backtrack and start looking at the record of their own frat house boys. Notice, though, how they waited until Kennedy had been dead for a safe term and Bill AND Hillary are no longer credible political actors on the stage.

So, we may be entering a new age brought about by the inevitable backlash against outrageous behavior. Men may be forced to install cameras in their offices and wear personal cams on their bodies if they want any chance to protect themselves against accusations in the future.

Now that’s what I call a cowardly new world!

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