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As you know, my Assembly du­ties keep me in Sacramento at least four days a week for most of the year. Staying informed and up-to- date about local issues or about how pending legislation may impact the district is essential, especially from 500 miles away. In-office meetings, phone calls, letters, emails and faxes are important tools that keep me in touch with you, the people I serve.

One example that demonstrates the importance of direct contact recently involved state policies im­pacting local hospitals that threat­ened the availability of healthcare in our region. District and Capitol office meetings were held with rep­resentatives from area hospitals to discuss a bill I was co-authoring to roll back state mandates that would cost the hospitals millions of dol­lars. Fortunately, with local stake­holder support, the bill eventually passed and was signed into law by Governor Brown. In another recent case, concerned convenience store managers met in my District Office and in the Capitol in an ultimately successful effort to block legislation that would have led to industry-wide revenue losses, layoffs and store closures throughout California.

Since January, my offices have received over 2,100 emails, faxes and letters from private citizens, business owners, and local agen­cies including water districts and city governments, asking for help or expressing concerns about pending legislation and other state-related is­sues. These types of communication are very effective and are an essen­tial part of the legislative process. Without citizen involvement of this type, representative government is simply not possible.

I need to keep hearing about the important issues that concern you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at assemblymember.waldron@assem­ or through my website at

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