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You’d think we could nail down this election thing

Oh my, can you believe it? Only 14 days until a day that seemed so far away months ago. Yes, election day is nigh. And yet a little more information coming forward regarding casting your ballot. Yesterday I read in the U-T, a champion of economic development and employment but who uses a printing office in Los Angeles rather than employing San Diegans who will then spend their income locally helping small businesses survive, reporting a different instruction from the Registrar of Voters.

As you recall, at least I hope you do, last week I wrote about the confusion in signing your ballot. The Registrar of Voter’s instructions that came with the ballots mailed to every registered voter were to sign as you signed your driver’s license. Ah, but then the U-T article instructed the voter to sign the ballot as they signed their voter registration form. Say what?

Not to worry though. There are teams of forensic document examiners at the ROV to examine signatures to verify their authenticity. Seriously, what could go wrong, right? They meticulously examine “loops, slants and crossed T’s.” If every person who received a ballot also read the U-T would there be less confusion among the electorate? Yeah, confusion would reign supreme. But Ed, there are numerous checks and balances employed in the counting process. Silly me. Do vote.

Finally, can you remember an election where problems and irregularities did not occur? I mean one would think that after 244 years in existence we could have nailed down this voting process. My first election we had voting machines. Just pull the lever and your vote is counted. Then it was discovered that the machines could be manipulated. Back to paper. Remember the “hanging chads?” Okay let’s try this new-fangled electronic voting method. Wow what a mess! This year we have contradictory instructions on how to sign your paper ballot.

On to other news. It appears that cemeteries are competing for customers. Singing Hills Memorial Park, wherever that is, advertises as not your traditional cemetery but a park with numerous amenities. Well so is our Oakhill Memorial Cemetery but SHMP is advertising incessantly on the radio. I have not heard commercials for their burial locations. Apparently the Oak Hill board is content with the slow growth in their park.

Speaking of advertising, the granddaughter of Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs touts in her campaign for Congress advertising to have big pharma cut advertising costs to help reduce the retail cost of medications to the public. How about big tech cut advertising such as multi-million dollar naming rights on professional stadiums to reduce the retail cost of consumer goods. Eight hundred dollar cell phones?

There was a recent local report on what this latest pandemic, not unprecedented, has affected the job market in San Diego County. Thousands of jobs lost with understandably, the largest drop in employment in the tourism industry suffering a roughly 70% decrease in jobs. There were decreasing percentages in numerous other industries with one exception. Wanna guess which one? Government saw a 1% INCREASE in employment. If this doesn’t raise awareness about the damage big government can do then nothing ever will.

Oh, I can’t let this go by regarding newspaper editors. This T-A happens to have a good one. A story from an unnamed newspaper appeared the other day reporting on a stabbing included this description of the wound. A man was cut on “the upper part of his left arm about 3 inches below his elbow.” Now I’m not a medical doctor or have any physiological training but I do believe that below the elbow is not the upper part of an arm. If you know otherwise please let me know.

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