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You can’t impeach a president doing a job this great!

- a leftie living among the righties

Trump certainly was onto something when he said in a recent White House interview, “I don’t think they can impeach somebody that’s doing a great job. You look at the economy, you look at jobs, you look at… what’s going on with other countries. You look at trade deals. I’m doing a great job.”


The implication is clear: Were he doing a less-“great job,” he would absolutely, positively warrant being tossed out. Luckily, there’s no chance of that. Let’s take a look at the presidential record:

• annualized stock market return of 17.49%

• more than 22 million jobs created

• unemployment dropped from more than 7 percent to just 4 with the rates for African Americans, Hispanics, and women to the lowest levels in more than 40 years

• student reading and math scores at 30-year high with federal investment in education doubling

• lowest crime rate in 26 years

• 100,000 more police for our streets

• smallest welfare rolls in 32 years

• higher incomes at every level and the lowest poverty rate in 20 years

• lowest government spending in three decades, decreasing from 22.2 percent to 18.5 percent in 2000, the lowest since 1966

• record 115 months of economic expansion, 4 percent per year on average

• paid off $360 billion of the national debt putting us on track to pay off the entire debt by 2009 

2009? Oh, wait. Sorry… my bad. Those were BILL CLINTON’S accomplishments as president. What a day for both my backspace and delete keys to stop working!

Kidding aside, the point is clear. In the aggregate, Clinton’s accomplishments were far more impressive than Trump’s, even the early days of his presidency — and yet, despite that stellar record, Republicans didn’t have the slightest compunction against impeaching him. In about two seconds flat. 

Still, even though Republicans have a hard time believing it, impeaching Trump is not nearly the first item on Dems’ to-do list. There’s plenty that needs getting done.

Just a couple biggies: 

Republicans have lit a fuse on a $21 trillion bomb that is set to go off in years, not decades. Remember “crushing debt”? And “financial Armageddon”? You know, quaint terms we last heard from the now governing party during the Obama administration. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

Dems will need to be there to fix that, as they have done so many times in the past. Sure, you righties may think it’s funny to call Dems “boring” (per Trump’s characterization of recent Obama speeches), but it’s the always the Dems that America calls when it has partied too hearty, run the car into a ditch, and needs someone to get out of bed at 2 a.m. to come down and bail them out.

We need to reintroduce protections (like Glass–Steagall) against bank and stock market manipulators playing with the savings and retirement nest eggs of everyday Americans.

Another biggie: Heath care for every citizen is being savaged by the current regime. They’ve recently introduced the selling of junk insurance policies that might appear to be cheap but are as worthless in an emergency as a degree from Trump University at a job interview. We need to reestablish common sense minimums for health coverage — just like we expect the seat belts or air bags in our cars to work at minimum safety levels no matter how good, or bad, or LUCKY a driver we are.

The GOP is also on a tear to destroy current protections for people with preexisting conditions. That’s a vital protection that YOU, YOUR family, and YOUR friends need — not your pocket being picked by faceless, nameless “takers” as ceaselessly characterized by right wing fear mongers.

The perfect solution? Drop Medicare eligibility from the current age of 66 right down to… ZERO. “Medicare For All” is a system which cannot be picked away at by craven politicians that will vastly reduce health costs and improve outcomes for every American.

Yes, impeachment may be down the road. We’re going to have to take a look at what really happened in the 2016 election with regard to foreign interference and hold demonstrably impartial congressional hearings that provide access to documentation and witness testimony that has heretofore been excluded.

You know, righties, it’s entirely possible for two things to be true at the same time: e.g., that Dems can be sore about losing the election and that an outside force actually did influence its outcome. If it is shown beyond a reasonable doubt to any reasonable citizen that there was meddling in the election and that the president had a part in it or benefited from it, he can and will pay a price as a result of the law — not as a result of “gotcha politics” or “success envy.”

But, first, we have a lot of work to do to restore our nation’s faith in our leaders, trust in our institutions, and belief in the integrity of our systems — all of which have suffered terribly in the minds of so many of Americans.

And that, unimpeachably, is job one. 


Multiple award-winning author Charles Carr writes and edits for many well-known publications. Also a noted playwright, Carr’s newest show, “Mark Twain’s “A Christmas Carol,” is in pre-production for December shows at the California Center for the Arts. Contact him at

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