Escondido, CA

You ain’t seen nothing yet

The “year of election” is upon us and the money pouring into traditional and non-traditional media by all entities vying for your vote is just now starting to be felt. The best example so far is the Measure B the Newland Sierra Project which is very relative to all Escondidans. 

The local pundits are blasting their rhetoric everywhere as every news outlet looks to fill every waking minute of your life with “breaking news” beyond the typical car crash, bank robbery or lost dog lead we see in off-election years. Think you’re over processed now just wait you ain’t seen nothing like what we’re going to experience all the way through Tuesday, November 3rd! 

BIA Advisory Service estimates $6.55 billion will be spent on local political advertising in 2020, with over-the-air TV receiving the largest share of $3.08 billion – 47% of total political spend in 2020. This represents a potential 16.5% of total local broadcast TV advertising revenue for 2020. Digital media is forecast for 21% of political ads, cable TV 14% and radio nearly 5%. Will any of it, work? Will any of it shape or change your vote? No one really knows. Polling is constant and agencies specializing in political elections have studied and processed billions of bits of data to create a roadmap for success. Social media continues its rise to dominance when it comes to reach but, traditional media still wears us down and voter fatigue is a real thing. At some point, we all become numb to it all and we tune out the chatter. Or, we just put our ear pods back in and smile. 

But it must be said voting is your right and obligation. An informed and engaged citizenry armed with the facts and their convictions can shape their community, city, county, state and federal government by voting. 

The Chamber is a great place to start when it comes to being informed. We’re evaluating, investigating and pouring through the information to help make sense of the measures and candidates. Much more to follow. 

Results from our last poll had the highest voter turnout to date, and the results: 71% of the responders said they would NOT support the incumbent President for a second term!

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