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Work proceeding on Bear Valley Parkway roadwork

Roadwork along Bear Valley Parkway.

Roadwork along Bear Valley Parkway.

Nine months into the $15 million Bear Valley Parkway project significant progress is being made to the onemile segment of road. The project is due to be completed the fall of 2016.

This is a joint project of the city of Escondido and County Dept. of Public Works. The $15 million for the new road comes from Transnet, Proposition 1B bonds and the city.

The project includes so-called “active” transportation features so residents will have better travel choices in the future. “Active” travels include walking, bicycling, and other means powered by human energy, like skateboarding and pushing handcarts.

By supporting bicycle and pedestrian access along Bear Valley Parkway, the project will provide better travel choices for more people to enjoy the outdoors by biking and walking.

Implementing these active transportation improvements will also reduce traffic congestion say officials.

Active transportation has become more and more important as part of improving health and wellness. Some of the active transportation improvements to Bear

Valley Parkway include:

• Protected sidewalks: New fivefoot wide sidewalks will be installed and separated from the roadway by a five-foot landscaping buffer to protect pedestrians. Intersections will have access ramps and marked pedestrian crosswalks that are ADA-compliant.

• Bicycle lanes: Crews will install a new Class II bikeway along both sides of the roadway. Class II bikeways share the roadway but have dedicated lanes marked by paint striping.

• Lighting and signage: Additional energy-efficient streetlights will be installed to improve visibility along the roadway. Reflective signage for the bike path and signalized intersections for pedestrians will also be installed to promote safety for everyone sharing the roadway.

As June concludes the project is wrapping up the following elements:

• Boyle Avenue retaining wall: The second of two retaining walls is in progress on the east side of Boyle Avenue. This wall will expand the roadway and reinforce the hillside adjacent to Bear Valley Parkway. All this month crews have been installing rebar, pouring the footing, building a wall into the foundation, and placing masonry blocks.

• Idaho Avenue wingwall: Wingwalls are two retaining walls built at an angle at

Laying down protected sidewalk.

Laying down protected sidewalk.

a drainage culvert to prevent dirt from blocking its entryway. A wing wall is in progress on the south side of Idaho Avenue.

• Sidewalks: Sidewalks between Boyle Avenue and Suburban Hills

Drive are being installed. Additionally, areas previously left unpaved from utilities and storm drain work are being paved.

• Utility relocation: Utility underground work throughout the project is continuing in June and beyond.

According to Orland Mott, design project engineer, “This project will add pedestrian sidewalks, marked crosswalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, and dedicated Design Project Engineer, Orland Mott Class II bike lanes for bicyclists.”

He added, “Prior to these improvements, Bear Valley Parkway had a deteriorating asphalt walkway on the east side, no pedestrian walkway or lighting on the west side, and no dedicated bike lanes. The limited access for non-motorized transportation was a problem. These projects will result in greater travel choices and safety for pedestrians and cyclists

“Not every trip requires a car. Our goal with this project is to allow people to have choices for travel depending on their trip type,” said Mott.

One feature of the road is that the surface is being made of rubberized asphalt made from 10,000 recycled tires that will reduce traffic noise.

This $15 million construction project will modernize the 5,000-foot section of Bear Valley Parkway between San Pasqual Valley Road (SR-78) and Boyle Avenue, making the entire roadway four lanes with the addition of bicycle lanes, sidewalks and landscaping.

The project will widen Bear Valley Parkway from a two-lane road to a four-lane road from San Pasqual Valley Road (SR-78) to just north of Boyle Avenue.

The widened road will connect to the existing four-lane road within the City of Escondido to the north. Bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaped medians and parkways, drainage improvements, waterline upgrades, and new traffic signals at realigned intersections will be installed as part of the project. Overhead utilities will be undergrounded as well.

Funding is provided by Transnet, Proposition 1B bonds, and a contribution from the City of Escondido for work within their jurisdiction.

For more information, visit sandiegocounty. gov/content/sdc/dpw/engineering/ topprojects/bear-valley-parkway widening.html

Call: (760) 630-ROAD (7623)

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