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Will Escondido appeal judge’s ruling

Will Escondido appeal the ruling by Vista Superior Court Judge Earl H. Mass that the city violated Michael Schlesinger’s constitutional rights when it changed the General Plan designation of his Escondido Country Club property?

The answer appears to be: “maybe.”

The judge’s ruling was in February and so far the city has not acted on it. Instead, last week the city filed papers with Judge Mass that it was considering an appeal.

Schlesinger’s property was the subject of Prop. H last year in which the developer unsuccessfully tried by initiative to get the city’s designation of his property as open space reversed.

At Monday’s meeting of the Escondido Republican Club, city councilmember John Masson said, “We have not decided whether to appeal or not. I think we can appeal and win. Meanwhile we are biding our time to see if someone other than Schlesinger comes along.” In March Schlesinger announced that he has met with possible buyers of the property.

Residents who live next to the now defunct golf course, represented by ECCHO (Escondido Country Club Homeowners Organization) have urged that the city appeal. Many of them continue to hold out for some sort of golf course.

In its papers filed with Mass the city noted that it is currently in negotiations with Schlesinger. Although Schlesinger originally started with the goal of 600 homes when he bought the property at auction in 2013, that number had fallen to 430 at the time of Prop. H. Now he is talking about being willing to settle for 270.

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