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‘Who would steal from a library,’ ask patron, ‘It’s like stealing from a church!’

“Who would steal from a library? It’s like stealing from a church!” exclaimed one patron of the Valley Center Library, which was burglarized sometime over the weekend of January 24-25.

Among items taken were several bronze Remington sculptures which were donated to the library some 10 years ago.

Like the “curious incident of the dog in the night-time,” quoted in one of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, in which the “curious incident” was that the dog did not bark, there was a curious incident in the library burglary, e.g. that no alarm was set off. The library doesn’t have a burglar alarm or a security system.

Early morning staff at the VC library came to work Monday, January 26 to find that there was no safe in the building. It had been crow barred or drilled out and every key was taken. Moreover, there was no forced entry.

This is the second burglary of the library in recent months. The previous occurred in November.

Whoever burglarized the library didn’t get much cash. The library never has more than about $200 in its safe. However the two library cameras were taken, as were ten iPads and every drawer in the building was flung open, even drawers that were locked with keys. Papers were flung about. Perhaps oddest of all, was a sack that had been filled with DVDs that was apparently left behind.

Also left behind was a dolly that may have been used to transport the “swag” from the library building to the nature trail next to the county facility.

Librarian Laura Zuckerman spoke briefly to the Times-Advocate about the burglary. “Who does this? Who does this?” she exclaimed. “You feel so violated!”

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