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Where to get sand bags

The City of Escondido provides sand and empty bags for filling at the Escondido Sports Center in Kit Carson Park, located at 3333 Bear Valley Parkway. Sand bags and sand will be available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by checking in at the Sports Center Customer Counter. Escondido residents will need to bring identification, as well as their own shovels and be prepared to fill the sand bag themselves. Maximum limit of 10 bags per person.

Please note: Sand Bags are not available at Escondido Fire Stations.

Sandbag Vendors

The following is a list of companies in Escondido that have indicated to the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services that they will be carrying sandbags this winter. Prices may differ greatly. Please call the store for the latest information regarding prices and availability.

Dixieline Lumber
(filled/unfilled, no bulk sand)
561 N. Tulip Street

Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply
1105 W. Mission Avenue

Home Depot (unfilled, no bulk sand)
1550 W. Valley Pkwy, 760-432-9600

Home Depot
(filled/unfilled, no bulk sand)
1475 E. Valley Pkwy, 760-233-5410

RCP Company
(filled/unfilled, bulk sand)
1070 W. Mission Ave, 760-480-9696

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