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What are they going to call it? No Flags?


Six Flags Over Texas has announced that it’s going to get rid of the Confederate Flag from the six flags that fly over the amusement park, and which is supposed to commemorate the six nations that have held sway over the Great State of Texas.

The theme park, which started in Texas, now owns parks all over the U.S.A.

What are they going to call it now, Five flags?

One of the six flags is the flag of the Kingdom of Spain. Anyone who knows the history of Spain’s conquests in the New World will know that the Conquistadors, Pizarro and Cortez were among the worst people in history. Both of them, but particularly Pizarro, waded knee deep in the blood of Indian empires that they wiped out. And wiped out is no exaggeration. Some historians estimate that 90% of the Natives of the Aztec and Inca empires succumbed.

OK, so we are down to Four Flags.

The Kingdom of France was one of those flags. No self-respecting Texan is going to want to see that flag, with all its references to cheese and frogs legs, waving over his sacred soil, especially if the Confederate flag has been yanked away.

Then, of course, the United States conquered North America over the bones of large numbers of Native Americans, so we better get rid of that flag too. Can’t take any chances.

Pretty soon, I guess, they will have to call it “No Flags.”

I think this entire issue is a manufactured controversy, with the slimy American Nazis playing into the hands of the Antifa, which, in case you didn’t know, stands for Anti-Fascist.

Well, I’m sure I’m delighted to count myself among those who don’t like Fascists OR Nazis, but agreeing with a Nazi about something doesn’t automatically make you a Nazi, and fighting Nazis doesn’t automatically make you a good guy.

Hitler was a vegetarian and a teetotaler and he hated smoking.  No wonder they call the militant nanny staters “safety Nazis.” Does that mean that anybody who hates meat, gags at the taste of alcohol and wants to snuff out all tobacco use is also a Nazi? Oh yeah, he also liked dogs.

A lot of people, and not just White Supremacists, don’t want to take down all the Confederate war memorials.

I’m a sometime historian (at least that’s what my master’s in military history says) and I hate the idea of tearing down memorials and statues of any kind. Memorials are the bookmarks of history. They remind us of our heritage, which has had its ups and downs.

I favor putting up competing memorials and statues, to give the “Rebs” some competition. For every Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson, put up a Yankee who whupped ‘em, like Grant or Sherman. Let THEM fight it out.

I thought it was entertaining when someone hung a second-place ribbon “for participation” on one of the Confederate war memorials. The wasn’t defacing the memorial, merely updating it.

This is all highly ridiculous, and reminds me of the hoo hah about whether the Redskins should be allowed to keep their team name. Don’t we have more important things to worry about in this country?

If we are going to adopt the rule that anything that will offend someone must be taken down, pretty much everything is going to have to come down.

Meanwhile, I have a plan of action for those who come across statues and memorials that offend them.  Get over it.

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