Escondido, CA

Well-known eatery Añejo Grill closed by Health Department

Patrons of the popular Mexican eatery the Anejo Bar & Grill were shocked last week to find that the place on Felicita Avenue was closed after an inspection by the county Health Department uncovered a vermin infestation.
Health inspectors June 19 reported observing live and dead cockroaches in monitoring traps and various other locations in the restaurant, including on a hanging white board near the ice machine, and at the kitchen entrance from the bar and dining area.
The Añejo Grill is a very popular sports bar and Mexican restaurant that is always packed on weekends and many weekday nights as well.
This is the first health violation for the restaurant.
The restaurant is required to remain close until inspectors reinspect it and the Health Department gives it a clean bill of health.

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