Escondido, CA

We will survive this one—together

Historically speaking, our current state of compliance with the County’s COVID-19 directives are nothing new. A quick Google search on the history of pandemics in Escondido didn’t show much specific to Escondido but plenty of interesting parallels with the 1918 pandemic in San Diego.

Business was shut down, masks were required outdoors, and indeed a second wave forced a second, very short shutdown of all businesses. Escondidans have, in large part, headed the directives and are wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and washing hands repeatedly.

Businesses are opening following the required protocols necessary to do so. It’s not optimal or easy and we empathize with all businesses which have been adversely affected by this pandemic. Nail salons are finally open here in Escondido, one of the profoundly impacted businesses closed for over 90+ days here. Our annual Spring Grand Avenue Festival didn’t happen, and the scheduled Fall GAF is in jeopardy.

Stayed tuned to the Chamber website for updates on the status of more openings with reliable and vetted out information.

A huge thank you goes out to the City from the Chamber with their assistance in helping with a problem we had here at the Chamber’s offices. Not only did the City act quickly and thoroughly but, they did all this while they too were dealing with the realities of working virtually plus complying with the mandated protocols of essential services. Thank you to all the folks at City Hall who came together and helped.

If you haven’t joined our Escondido Eats or Escondido Lookin’ Grand Facebook groups, I encourage you to do so. Both programs continue to grow and build support for our local businesses, and the links to join each are below in the newsletter.

Another very special thanks go out to the businesses who have renewed their Chamber memberships during these challenging times. And, another thank you to the new members who have chosen to join this Chamber now! Your trust and investment into this Chamber are what drives us to continue on our mission of building a business environment where you have the best opportunity to succeed here in Escondido.

And continuing with my thankful missives here, I want to thank all of you for your replies, comments, and support given to me and this Chamber. Although I close on my first year here the Chamber please rest assured that your Chamber is permanently grounded by our now 110+ years of service to Escondido. I’ve said this before, and it bears repeating, we have survived one pandemic, and we will survive this one.

But, we can only survive this one with your continued support.

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