Escondido, CA

‘We the People’ concert to follow Grand Avenue Fair

A patriotic gathering of songs and bands and honoring first responders called “We the People” will following the Grand Avenue Street Festival on Sunday October 16, switching from that street to Grape Day Park. The plan is to start at 5 p.m.

The event is being organized by Thomas Bush, director, Prayer Assist, ( and prayer coordinator of the San Diego Regional Prayer Network

Organizers are working on getting a military band to come and do patriotic songs at the beginning of the gathering. At this writing they were working on booking the 3rd Marine Band from MCAS Miramar.

Rorie Johnston, CEO of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce, which is putting on the street fair, said that she has been trying to encourage groups to do an “after event” for the street faire and so is encouraged

Musicians are planning fun and encouraging music such as “God Bless the USA”, “You’ve Got a Friend”, “Respect” and other related songs. They plan to start the music right at 5 p.m. to attract those who had been attending the street fair.

They plan to honor Community Leaders and First Responders. They have already invited Mayor Sam Abed and leaders from Palomar Health and want to encourage business and church members to participate. Others who are coordinating bringing participants includes Pastor Todd Hitchcock (Bethel Baptist Escondido) and Bill Keith of the Business Men’s Fellowship.

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