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We need to be open for business

Let’s see, what should I discuss today? Oh, I know! How about COVID-19 as if we haven’t heard enough about the scourge of the planet. But I do want to mention some of my recent observations.

Last week when I went shopping at Vons for some grocery items I noticed the entire four shelves reserved for dishwasher detergent were empty. What? I guess that has become a necessary item to hoard. Really? Yesterday I tried Stater Bros and they had a few boxes so I bought them all. Just kidding, I only purchased one since I use the dishwasher but a couple times a month. Obviously the hoarders use the dishwasher a couple times a week.

The other day while in a 7-11 they had so much bottled water stacked taking up much of what is normally open space. Then yesterday at the 99cent store they had bottled water and toilet paper stacked 5 feet high. How come these stores have such an ample supply and the supermarkets do not? By the way, the products are not 99 cents but still reasonably priced.

Apparently one of the essential businesses allowed to be open is the vaping store on Grand Ave. Why? Any store that deals in CBD, aka cannabis, products is considered an essential business. Good to know where to get weed during this lockdown.

How about our car dealers? For Escondido they are definitely an essential business because they are our largest sales tax producer and this city lives and dies on sales tax for the operating budget. Just ask City Manager Jeff Epp how essential are the dealers. If markets can remain open and they get 500 plus customers a day then a car dealer should be able to remain open since they might, on a good week, get 500 customers. We need to be open for business folks.

Before COVID-19 the most important topic of discussion in Sacramento was housing and to this end they passed AB-68 which allows ADU’s, additional dwelling units, in single family zoned neighborhoods. Another example of usurping local control. They should have instead addressed the extremely high fees attached to all housing which is passed on to the buyers. If you think we have a parking problem now wait until the full force and effect of AB-68 kicks in. Oh mama!

Adding to our parking issue is that over the past few decades many streets where parking was previously allowed have been red curbed. No parking. In the 1970’s and ‘80’s many apartment projects were built. The two bedroom unit had a mom, dad and 1 to 3 children. Two parking spaces were allotted and many families only had one vehicle ergo no parking issue. Decades later as social norms changed these same units have at least four adults each with a vehicle. Four does not go into two and add less street parking and there you go.

How about a little lighter topic. How many of you remember what locals referred to as Noah’s Ark being built in the side yard of a home on Midway just north of Mission Ave. It lent itself to a lot of discussion and speculation and quite an attraction since it was so large. The property was sold I believe in the late ‘70’s and converted to a subdivision of about a dozen homes. Reasonably priced I might add since this was way before the state caused the price of housing to escalate due to the high fees.

As you may know, Escondido prides itself on the many parks we have like Kit Carson, Washington, Grape Day, Grove Park, 3000 acre Daley Ranch and others. My guess is that not many know the location of two lesser known parks. Rod McLeod Park has been in North Escondido for over 40 years located off Iris Lane just north of W. El Norte Parkway. A little hidden but a nice quiet place to relax, have lunch or read a book. El Norte Park is a sliver of green at E. El Norte and Conway Drive. This is here because it is over the Aqueduct where no permanent structures can be built. The Harding Avenue greenbelt is a continuation also over the Aqueduct part of the California State Water Project.

Today’s plate is OAK 34. Oakland Raiders’ Beau Jackson?   

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One response to “We need to be open for business”

  1. Phil Dobson says:

    Sensible article for a change but may get you in trouble for agreeing with Trump. Esco use to be one of the top conservative cities in the U.S. The good ‘ol days.

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