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We need a new executive office


We need to add an office to the U.S. executive branch, one that separates the name-calling, quarrelsome, outrageous claims aspect of the presidency, and assigns it to a new player, whom I would dub the Oaf of Office.

In ancient days, kings and emperors used to have the king’s fool. Now we have the king and the fool combined in the same person. This cannot continue. The center, as they say, cannot hold.

The Oaf of Office would be able to make all those embarrassing faux pas that the president commits, such as speaking to someone who has an amputated hand and saying, “Hey, you never know, it might grow back!” or who, if placed in the situation that President Lincoln had of writing to a mother who had lost all of her sons to the Civil War, he could declare, “You’ve been amazingly fertile so far, why not try for best out of four?” He could say to one of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, “Lucky you, the guy was a lousy shot.”

In addition to picking fights with Blue Star parents, the Oaf of Office could try to link the pope to the Kennedy Assassination or belittle the evils of slavery.

Please note, that this new function would be an amazing fit should former Vice President Joe Biden ever decide to postpone moving into an assisted living residence and instead run for president in 2020.

All the while that this was happening in public, the actual chief executive could be busy at work, pulling troublesome regulations out by the roots, appointing amazing Supreme Court justices, scaring the North Korean dear leader to half to death, and wiping out ISIS.

Until that happens, I guess, we will just have to deal with the fact that we have an effective chief executive AND a fool in the same person.

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