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We may have a baseball season


Welcome to week 17 of the latest pandemic known as COVID19. It is however heartening to know that professional baseball will in fact be happening this summer with first pitch today July 23 contrary to my previous comment that baseball would be another event missing this year. With any luck we may even have the fall classic we know as the World Series. As to the NBA …I don’t care.

As you may know, there is no other sport that has such an extensive list of records as does professional baseball. Last week I mentioned the movie “Major League.” The other day I read where Ty Cobb has the record for stealing 2nd, 3rd and home in succession. Then I thought of Willie Mays Hayes, played by Wesley Snipes, who did the same thing in the movie somewhat paying respect to the great Ty Cobb. You see what I mean? Baseball keeps records of everything that can happen in a game. Some years ago during a broadcast I heard mention of a player’s batting average in day games and night games.

One casualty that I believe may be inevitable will be cancellation of the biggest event to occur downtown. Cruisin Grand, a twenty year phenomenal city event, quite possibly might only be seen again in Escondido’s history. I say it is the biggest downtown event because not only does it attract about 150,000 people a year in its 26 weeks to Grand Avenue but it has also been the lifesaver of numerous businesses. Downtown is not the only beneficiary of Cruisin’ Grand as I have talked to many people over the years who have dined at other Escondido restaurants, stayed overnight at local hotels and purchased gas at local stations.

In addition, people who have come to the event have toured the area wineries, Lake Dixon including renting boats and campsites, Daley Ranch and Safari Park helping the local economy with their purchases. Some years ago I met a couple from upstate New York who came to Escondido specifically to enjoy the best car show in the U.S. after they did an internet search on cruise nights. They were staying here from Friday to Sunday. Escondido has also been the beneficiary of worldwide exposure when an Australian car magazine came to town to do a story on the much publicized event on the internet. As you may guess I’m a big fan of CG.

This is something that boarders on the absurd. For over 100 years Nathan’s Hot Dog has sponsored a hot dog eating contest. This year Joey Chestnut swallowed (did not eat) 75 hot dogs with buns in 10 minutes. Now I read where scientists at High Point University in North Carolina have determined that the maximum amount a human being (is that still PC?) can consume is 83. So now we know the absolute record will be 83. This friends, is what college tuition is paying for to have paid scientists waste time determining how many hot dogs we can eat. Oh, unless they did their research on personal time. Ya think? 

And if you don’t know, Chestnut is a professional eater having earned a degree in construction management from San Jose State. Has to be on the famous alum list. I wonder if he is working two careers. Aside from the above, Nathan’s is my hot dog of choice although my max is to enjoy eating two in 15 minutes.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the phenomenon of tip jars in retail establishments. Tipping in America is customarily done in sit-down restaurants. The other day I was at the same 7-11 store that I had mentioned having a tip jar and this time I read the full message. The message was asking for tips not only if you liked the service but also to help the employees during the COVID19 crisis. I have to presume the employees are being paid for working and the store is still open 24 hours a day which would indicate no cutback in hours worked and made me wonder why they need additional revenue.

Leaving with something light I give you this week’s plate. SSORION. Must be someone from Sweden as the Orion serves as a museum moored in Stockholm.

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