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Watch out for people collecting donations on the streets

A Times-Advocate reader called and said that on March 8 he was at Mission & Broadway and was approached by some people who were trying to collect donations to fund a funeral.

After a while a couple of Escondido Police Department cars showed up and took a couple of them off (he said.) The caller suspected the people doing the collecting might have been operating a scam.

So we asked Lt. Ed Varso of the EPD to look into the matter.

Varso told The Times-Advocate: “We have received a few calls about people collecting donations to fund a funeral, including the call you mentioned.  However, I could not find any information confirming if this is part of a scam.  The reader you spoke to is mistaken.  While we did respond to a call on March 8 regarding this activity, no arrests were made.  The officers spoke to the people collecting money and educated them on local ordinances and state law related to soliciting near a roadway.” He added, “Doesn’t necessarily mean this is a legit collection, but the officers did not have enough to make an arrest or suspect a scam.”

Lt. Varso included a follow up: “You can add that the Escondido Police Dept. discourages residents from donating to those collecting money on street corners.  Very few reputable groups collect money this way.  Instead, we encourage residents to find well known charitable organizations to donate to.  This is one of the safest ways of ensuring that your hard earned money goes to a good cause.”

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