Escondido, CA

Wastewater treatment operator Featured as ‘Water Utility Hero’

Escondido’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Carrie Selby.

Last week Escondido’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Carrie Selby was featured as the Water Utility Hero of the Week by the San Diego County Water Authority SDCWA. Shelby was interviewed for the Water News Network and talked about her career and work life during the pandemic. 

Selby became interested in the water industry while she was working security at Lake Skinner for the Metropolitan Water District in 2002. She “very much wanted to advance my career but was not sure how. Until, I came across a flyer for an operator position. This interested me, so I asked one of the operators who worked there, how to get into the field. He provided me some materials and this immediately piqued my interest. I ended up applying at another agency and was hired as an Operator-In-Training. Eighteen years later, I am still in the field and currently hold a Grade 3 Certification.”

Her job is considered “essential” during the pandemic, and she goes to work five days a week to help deliver quality water to Escondido residents. Her job has changed somewhat though, during the emergency. “Although we regularly practiced extremely good hygiene at the plant. We now have taken extra precautions such as, wearing facemasks, and maintaining social distancing. Temperature stations are now our new norm. We have to take our temperature prior to starting our shift.”

She arrives a work in proper attire and practices extra sanitizing precautions. “I always make sure to change out of anything that I wear at work prior to going home,” she said.

Once the crisis is over, Selby is “I am looking forward to getting back to traveling and adventuring out to some hiking trails. Nature is fuel to my soul! I also look forward to spending time with family.”

The Water Utility Hero of the Week highlights essential work performed during the COVID-19 pandemic by employees of the San Diego County Water Authority’s 24 member agencies.

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