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Want to donate to a non-profit? Here is your Escondido list

Part II of two parts.

One-fifth of all charitable donations are made in the final 48 hours of the year. So this list of charities that are based in Escondido will be doubly timely for our readers, many of who may make decisions about tax-related donations at the last minute.

We presented some of the most prominent non-profits in Part I. Part II is a raw list taken from the IRS website of non-profits. The list seems to be quite complete, but we know from experience that such lists always have limitations, so we are fairly certain that some nonprofits will be missing. We apologize in advance, but we will be happy to include information about such organizations in a future edition. To see more about each organization, visit exempt-organizations-select-check.

01-0917778 Escondido Amateur Radio Society
02-0624321 Cat Adoption Service
03-0435577 Escondido Reformed Baptist Church
04-3694280 North County Education Foundation Inc.
13-3736294 Crescenterra Not for Profit Corporation
20-0147505 Ecolife Conservation
20-0471061 John Paul the Great Catholic University
20-0501029 Leslie and Bernard Bonar Family Foundation
20-0704745 Spiritual Gold Inc.
20-1168369 Sword of the Spirit Missions Inc.
20-1286047 Escondido Education Foundation
20-1432682 Lion Media International Inc.
20-1573432 Meadowbrook Village Christian Retirement Community
20-2356830 Palomar Health Development Inc.
20-2522522 Ignite Church
20-2956720 Way of Peace Inc.
20-3126304 Classical Academy High School
20-3602669 St. Vincent De Paul of Escondido Inc.
20-3837950 Ubiquitous Music Inc.
20-4335637 Escondido High School Ag Boosters
20-4443581 Iglesia Del Senor Jesucristo La Roca Eterna
20-5636843 Puppy Prodigies
20-5717919 Altrusa of Escondido Foundation
20-5734760 Life Design Ministries Inc.
20-7114699 Ranae Desantis Foundation
20-8350019 Endowments of Honor Foundation
20-8925383 The National Center for Law & Policy
22-2527116 Center for Plant Conservation Inc.
23-7006183 Girls Incorporated of San Diego County
23-7069445 Scholarship Foundation Inc. of California Retired Teachers Assoc
23-7135086 North County Church of Christ
23-7261665 Patio Playhouse
23-7296528 Friends of the Library of Escondido
23-7299873 Escondido Alumnae Panhellenic
23-7332483 Senior Service Council Escondido
23-7348223 Oak Hill Drive Church of Christ Escondido Ca
23-7363043 Escondido History Center
23-7408444 Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association
23-7448019 Foundation of Praise Incorporated
26-0260499 7 Celtic Nations Pipe Band
26-1108221 Escondido Library Friends of Literacy Services
26-2078779 Islamic Society of North County
26-2632623 US Friends of the Latymer Upper School
26-2902712 Promise Land Ranch Ghana Africa Inc.
26-3822429 Peak-Boy Inc.
26-4027886 Set Free Ministries North San Diego
26-4168597 Wrote Ministries and Networking With Purpose
26-4237532 Ministerios Eglafe
26-4540063 The Dlh Foundation
26-4671852 Pcssd Inc.
27-0030383 North County Gurkhas Rugby Club Inc.
27-0053380 Iglesia Bautista Fundamental of Escondido California
27-0177669 Rockin L & D Equine Education Services
27-0374327 Kiwanis Club of Hidden Valley Foundation
27-0492101 Ecovivarium
27-0565982 White Horse Inc.
27-0613473 Distilled Spirits Institute
27-1227011 Sphs Parents Club
27-1240528 San Diego Christian Center International Inc.
27-1359632 Global Mission Support
27-1379948 Orphans Waiting Inc.
27-1485691 Residence for Patriots Services Foundation
27-1520618 International Education and Networking
27-1970403 San Diego Animals Worthy of Life
27-2625030 La Iglesia Nueva Vision Apostolica De Jesus Cristo
27-2842154 Arthatch
27-3070418 Gift From God Inc.
27-3294670 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 33-1
27-3298084 Promise Church Non Profit Inc.
27-3332248 Jesussandiego
27-3564604 Vedic Temple Project
27-4149544 Iglesia Pentecostal Nuevo Pacto Del Nombre De Jesus Inc.
27-4175792 Fairytail Cattery Foundation
27-4257765 HOPEDrugAwarenessandTreatmentIncorporated
27-4269563 New Vintage Church Inc.
27-4283172 Operation America Cares
27-5034673 Sanctuary Church Inc.
27-5276751 Epiphany Education Foundation of San Diego Inc.
27-5277930 Epiphany Prep School of San Diego Inc.
30-0377064 Arabic Church of Escondido Inc.
30-0661673 Ministerio Centro Cristiano Internacional Inc.
30-0695146 Iglesia De Jesucristo El Ponderoso De Israel
32-0100614 Reiff Family Foundation
32-0370376 Palomar Communities Calition
32-6008250 California Center for the Arts Escondido Fdn Charitable Tr
33-0004138 Elfin Forest Volunteer Fire Department
33-0035331 Project Manna
33-0049719 Nazarene Christian Congregation
33-0063533 Escondido Rotary Foundation
33-0099005 Cross Connection Church

33-0099395 Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation
33-0113092 Family University Foundation
33-0161282 San Pasqual Battlefield Volunteer Association
33-0175264 The Diaspora Foundation Inc.
33-0178020 Palomar Cactus & Succulent Society
33-0184594 San Pasqual High School Athletic Booster Club
33-0263477 Church of Jesus Christ in the Americas of Escondido
33-0273191 Stewardship Foundation
33-0288781 Nazarene Christian Fellowship
33-0289899 Life Care Residences Inc.
33-0300336 Sikh Society of San Diego
33-0305440 Old Escondido Neighborhood Group
33-0306861 Fraternity House Inc.
33-0311012 Mountain Shadows Support Group
33-0312753 Escondido Community Christian Church Inc.
33-0335648 Trumpet Ministries
33-0351246 Jumpstart Ministries Incorporated
33-0361583 Talking Bibles International
33-0371694 St. Dismas Guild
33-0382424 Ganden Buddha Norling
33-0383793 Tomlinson Foundation
33-0392865 Bible Baptist Church of Escondido California
33-0402519 Magnolia Wood Church Inc.
33-0403419 Escondido Education Compact
33-0408993 Escondido Genealogical Society Inc.
33-0417593 Good Shepherd Church of San Diego
33-0431473 Grace Bible Church of North County
33-0432149 Landmark Baptist Church of Escondido
33-0450651 Wat Buddhajakramongkolratanaram the Thai Buddhist Temple of Calif
33-0451273 Orange Glen Band Association
33-0477496 San Pasqual Fire Department Inc.
33-0491565 San Diego Flute Guild
33-0492260 Scholarship Foundation Inc.
33-0497525 Escondido Creek Conservancy
33-0505691 Advocates Christian Ministries Inc.
33-0522589 Katherine Baxter Memorial Foundation
33-0526794 Glen View Parent Teacher Organization
33-0529412 Folk Routes Inc.
33-0537757 Escondido Library Endowment Foundation
33-0542809 Martinez Family Foundation
33-0548469 Palomar Audubon Society
33-0557694 Misiones El Shadai
33-0573521 Kiwanis Club of Escondido Scholarship & Student Loan Foundation
33-0574573 San Diego Archaeological Center
33-0601343 Camp Cookie for Children Inc.
33-0602865 Fellowship Center Alcohol Services Program Inc.
33-0629248 Palomar Family Counseling Service Inc.
33-0639491 Hidden Valley Community Concert Assocaition
33-0640808 Pioneer Room Friends
33-0646517 California Center for the Arts Escondido Foundation
33-0665548 Alternatives Pregnancy Care Clinic
33-0671101 Escondido Athletic Booster Foundation
33-0705600 San Diego Ag in the Classroom
33-0708148 Going Places Inc.
33-0709410 Brothers Keeper Ministries Inc.
33-0726041 Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association
33-0746414 Escondido Sister City Inc.
33-0754540 Victory Outreach-Escondido
33-0773824 Good Samaritan Outreach Ministries of Escondido Ca
33-0775291 Friends of the Daley Ranch
33-0783379 Escondido Arts Partnership
33-0807937 Escondido High Schools Music Booster Association
33-0811086 Escondido Figure Skating Club
33-0816655 California Association of Tactical Officers
33-0818503 Tibetan Meditation Center
33-0823245 One One Foundation Inc.
33-0829187 Safe4RKids
33-0847715 Sun & Moon Vision Productions
33-0857142 Activated Ministries
33-0857665 Classical Academy Incorporated 
33-0865175 San Diego House of Prayer Inc.
33-0869306 Dial-A-Prayer Ministries
33-0880933 Alagappa Foundation Inc.
33-0881167 Hispanic Heritage Project
33-0883814 Iam Partners
33-0899997 Joseph H Pendleton Youth Leadership Conference Inc.
33-0902844 Mira Mesa Marauder Football Booster Club
33-0903351 Hidden Meadows Community Foundation
33-0907776 American Heritage Education Foundation
33-0912735 Escondido Childrens Museum Inc.
33-0912760 Unico Fund
33-0932122 Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School Alumni Assn
33-0943093 San Pasqual School Foundation
33-0945347 Amigos De Los Californios
33-0947795 Roynon Museum of Paleontology Foundation
3-0953900 Kiwanis Club of Escondido Foundation
33-0966422 Escondido History Center Endowment Foundation
34-1988484 Deer Springs Fire Safe Council Inc.
37-1532989 Cabin by the Lake Inc.
37-1692998 Agnus Dei Foundation
37-1695353 Cyborg Zombies
38-3768275 Health Steward Foundation Inc.
38-3972287 Iglesia Apostolica Centro De Fe Inc.
41-2054617 Centro Guadalupano

41-2218431 The Call From Prison Mission
42-1539509 Varsity Team Inc.
42-1588058 Friend of Neuro Surgery International Inc.
42-1705869 Project High Hopes
43-1979565 Dr Bronners Family Foundation
45-0556091 Faithful Covenant Foundation
45-0946984 Fuzzy Feet Dog Rescue
45-1607475 Boldly Creating Life Foundation
45-2470537 African Youth Basketball Organization
45-3527435 Haneen Foundation
45-3822600 Limitless Realms Int L Ministries
45-3993644 Raw Ruth Anointed World Ministries
45-4125624 Scyr Inc.
45-4155367 Mentoring4growth Org
45-4527684 Vietnamese Baptist Church of Escondido
45-4645469 Escondido Community Immigration Services
45-4714779 Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppets With A Heart Childrens Foundation
45-4985106 Greggs Goals
45-5003760 Musical Oratory Foundation
45-5266435 Next Step Service Dogs
45-5436945 El Caballo Park Conservancy
45-5447860 Seeds of Hope Homes Inc.
45-6718443 Desantis Foundation
46-0511454 Gregg Family Charitable Foundation Inc.
46-0535695 Star Repertory Theatre
46-0551793 Global Journal Project
46-0617211 Disciple Community Mission Church
46-0664722 Gap Bridging Distanced Between Lack and Abundance
46-0938435 Matthew 25 Biker Ministries Inc.
46-1462401 Stache-Tober Fest
46-1685570 Friends of Sikes Adobe
46-1744130 Martin S Home Inc.
46-2444230 Avid Behavioral Day Program Corp
46-2607986 A Ship in the Woods Foundation
46-2624437 Empowering the Homeless Inc.
46-2844967 Saving Slim Foundation Inc.
46-2857532 A Step Beyond
46-3009604 Band of Brothers Outreach
46-3110493 Calvary Online School
46-3194162 Del Lago Academy Foundation Inc.
46-3197718 Union Army of the West Reenactors and Living Historians Inc.
46-3252666 Intertwined Conservation Corporation
46-3312968 1 More Win
46-3687863 Sol -n- air Inc.
46-3741221 Friends of Eden Valley for Responsible Development
46-3821149 Dear Ole Dad S Safe Haven Monastery Inc.
46-3893827 Medical Servants International
46-4051876 Kenneth E Patterson Bladder Cancer Awareness Foundation
46-4349400 Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band
46-4379663 Vascular Care Foundation
46-4596261 The Mannesah Church of God
46-4880416 Tyler S Petsch Foundation
46-5001834 Associacion De Charros De El Caballo Park
46-5294463 Code Four Foundation
46-5407592 Advocate Club Inc.
46-5470555 Institue for Human Viability Corp
46-5532438 K9 Therapy and Medical Assist Network Inc
46-5577742 4TFoundationInternational
47-1010119 Empowering Women Inc.
47-1040019 Royal Crown Covenant Society Inc.
47-1137214 Jaynie Foundation
47-1159285 Blanchard Leadership Foundation Inc.
47-1460424 Cougar Pass Recovery Ranch Incorporated
47-1995804 Mentors4moms Inc.
47-2307507 United in Service
47-2368891 Villa Lindo
47-2451423 La Puerta Y El Camino Es Cristo Inc.
47-2574424 Escondido Police Officers Care Foundation
47-2608602 Project M Foundation
47-2673860 In His Cross Ministry Inc.
47-2680463 Southern California Youth Arts Alliance
47-3098584 Royal Academy of Hebrew Education Inc.
47-3209790 Babylon Global Organization for Effort and Relief
47-3729812 Envware
47-4126768 Kings Anthem Church Inc.
47-4529309 Rotary Club of Escondido After Five Charitable Foundation Inc.
47-4879638 Mateo Almodad Foundation
47-4943563 San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance
47-5013595 Africa Thriving Group Inc.
47-5096891 Grief Flutters Inc.
47-5232344 Helping Paws Foundation
47-5237423 Grandmas Cancer Research Fund
47-5319749 HELPHelpingEveryoneLivePurposefully
47-5502917 Sage Legal Services
51-0172572 Christian Fellowship Church
51-0174020 Hidden Valley Christian Church of Escondido California
51-0195307 Associated Community Theatres
51-0563458 Sphsmba
52-2299098 Tiger Island Foundation
52-2387516 Buckheart Ministries Inc.
52-2388476 Blessed Corporation
56-2329623 LRGreenEducationalFoundation
57-1172469 Coastal Academy Charter School Inc.

57-1215743 Finding Solutions for Seniors Inc.
57-1237802 Connected Through Kids
64-0954887 Chuck Byron Youth Art Foundation
68-0428994 Dynamic Churches International
68-0483126 Element Education Inc.
68-0492935 Griefcare Inc.
68-0555796 Hui Lima Hana Elua
68-0559821 Latin and American Soccer Association
68-0656259 Byte Size Persuasion Foundation
72-1586187 Halau Hula O Kaeo Inc.
73-1720563 Cougar Athletic Club
74-3225194 The Love of God for the Nations
75-3099544 Truthxchange Inc.
75-3152051 Open Arms Ministries Inc.
75-3210817 Healthy Kids Choice Inc.
77-0296153 Ross M Brown Family Foundation
77-0561609 World Ark Mission Inc.
77-0640440 Center Stage Theatrical Productions
80-0318456 The California Chaparral Institute
80-0318924 Christian Life Academy
80-0570774 The Charis Project
80-0760509 The Imetics Institute Inc.
80-0935423 Sura Sustainable Living Project Inc.
81-1504909 Del Dios Habitat Protection League
81-1906010 Books for Ministry
81-2255894 Faith Harbor Ministries Inc.
81-2357784 Ncsd Veterans Stand Down
81-2791406 Classicalhomeschoolingorg
81-2792791 Reagan Thatcher Lecture Series Scholarship Fund Inc.
81-2800770 San Pasqual Union Pto
81-2861046 Jean Will Presents
81-2925388 Live Like Kayla Foundation
81-3503635 San Pasqual Union Parent Teacher Organization Inc.
81-3743214 Rescate Fenix
81-4128486 Sacred Page Project Inc.
82-0549103 Elizabeth Hospice Foundation
86-1082147 Iglesia Del Dios Vivo Columna Y Apoyo De La Verdad La Luv Del Mund
90-0132543 Cappella Gloriana Inc.
90-0598930 Map Foundation for Academic Success Inc.
90-0624251 Fighting Against Cancer Edibly
90-0800947 Light & Life Christian School
91-1794223 Affordable Housing Initiatives Inc.
91-2148205 Water Station
92-0179310 Kenneth & Doniella Winter Fam Foundation
93-1029469 Foothills Church
93-1304340 The Hebrew Conservative Union
93-3573154 Palomar Health Foundation
94-1676390 California Indian Legal Services Inc.
94-3380608 Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind
95-1816013 Emmanuel Faith Community Church Inc.
95-2141832 Calvin Christian School of Escondido Inc.
95-2649274 Mission to Children Inc.

95-2684397 Saint Paul Luthern Church
95-2788520 Broadway Baptist Church
95-2796316 Neighborhood Healthcare
95-2938663 Orange Glen Church of Christ of Escondido Corporation
95-2981732 Life Center for Personal Growth and Development Inc.
95-3011363 Escondido Senior Enterprises
95-3080953 Escondido Girls Softball League
95-3127292 First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Escondido
95-3139516 Escondido Youth Baseball
95-3144962 North County Youth Soccer Assoc Inc.
95-3264143 The Escondido Community Child Development Center
95-3275679 The Elizabeth Hospice Inc.
95-3340131 Student Impact International Inc.
95-3368044 San Diego County Christadelphian Ecclesia
95-3457731 Westminster Theological Seminary in California
95-3475125 Iglesia Latina Emmanuel
95-3513956 New Life in Christ Church
95-3529012 Sky Mountain Life School
95-3619290 San Diego County Family Child Care Association
95-3718108 Twin Oaks Bible Church
95-3718818 Palomar Church of Christ
95-3737822 Del Dios Volunteer Fire Department
95-3755647 Patrons of the Resurrection Inc.
95-3768372 Assistance League of Inland North County
95-3783610 Escondido California Assembly Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses
95-3837714 Interfaith Community Services Inc.
95-4092853 Caring International Inc.
95-4093728 World Ministry to Others of Burbank Inc.
95-4250010 Beca Foundation
95-4269434 Bugasong Pag-Ulikid Foundation USA Inc.
95-4275394 National Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse
95-4496818 Sunnataram California Meditation Monastery
95-4634615 Redwood Senior Homes and Services
95-4739857 Clark H Wilbur Foundation
95-4869549 The Mustered House
95-6003017 Blanchard Foundation
95-6057921 Social Service Auxiliary of San Diego
95-6083841 Unity of Escondido
95-6100089 Escondido Art Association
95-6106302 San Diego Amateur Hockey Association Inc.
95-6125511 Full Gospel Assembly Lighthouse Association
95-6141262 Fellowship Center
95-6209185 Philosophical and Religious Free Library
95-6209199 Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of Escondido California

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