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Voting for Trump? . . . just 10 of the likely reasons why

I know, I know, you’re probably getting awfully tired of me — and so many others — banging on the president with our arguments against inking the box beside his name. So let me change it up and provide all the arguments as to why you will  likely vote for him.

# 1:  You kinda like all the drama. You have gotten a bit bored with “The Young and the Restless” and “As the World Turns.” So when you turn on the news each morning, there you have the actual thing:  ongoing real-life episodes of the ups and downs of someone terribly ill-used; former friends showing how disloyal they can be; accusations by relatives of being shorted in the millions of dollars; former “loves” showing up with accusations of uncouth behavior. But you’re sure he’ll survive, dismissing all the allegations, disloyalties, fabrications. He stands strong, heroic, above it all. He’s THE MAN!

# 2:  You love it that he’s for AMERICA FIRST, now and forever, above all other nations. This globalization thing, the need for any cooperation or compromise with others – farcical! America has no need for any agreements concerning nuclear arms, global warming or anything else, because we’re No. One, period, end of story. And then there’s his business “savvy,” that foreign relations is just another zero-sum game:  a win for America, a loss for everyone else.

# 3:  You figure he’s got this virus “flu”-like thing under control – mask or no mask — and it will soon go away. If he can’t cajole some drug company into producing a vaccine before Nov. 3rd, it will be verified and broadly distributed to all soon after. You’re going to give him the credit for “warp-speeding” this process and delivering it to Americans so we’re all back to “normal” in early 2021.

# 4:  You agree that we don’t need so many immigrants. Since immigrants come from other countries they can’t ever be truly “American”; and illegal immigrants are only here to get a bunch of “free stuff,” benefits that you have worked hard for so shouldn’t have to share. And you agree with him that this “diversity” thing is a sham, just another disguise for allowing in more immigrants than we will ever need.

# 5:   You apparently agree that Obamacare needs to be destroyed because it’s just another step toward socialized medicine, and all those other nations who provide broad healthcare to their citizens are just plain stupid. Once he manages to destroy Obamacare, he and the Republicans will provide you a fantastic plan for taking care of your health. You probably haven’t heard yet what the details of this plan are but, gosh, what a huge improvement over what you may have now!

# 6.  You’re not all that bothered by his apparent inability to tell the truth or engage with facts. Because he’s genius-level smart, he’s only telling the American people what they should believe, what reality these days ought to look like.

# 7:  You love the way he’s showing up all these smart-ass “elites” that want to run the country — putting them down and destroying whatever previous presidents and their sycophants worked so hard to develop over the years.

# 8:  You hope he will manage to overturn Roe vs Wade. It doesn’t really matter that this would reverse settled law, that it would violate a woman’s right to decide for herself and criminalizing them — but not abolishing abortion, simply driving it, with all the attendant risks, underground.

# 9:  Besides being a devoted Fox “news” watcher, you are probably fairly open to some of the conspiracies that you run across on the internet, whether supported by any evidence or not. You don’t know for sure that the president is “Q,” but it’s possible. And Trump is obviously the only one that can undermine all those plans that the “deep state” is concocting to destroy him and America. 

# 10:  You must think the president’s constant stirring of chaos is kind of exciting – just showing the authenticity of who he is. He doesn’t mess with dong anything in a sort of straight-line rational manner, or with any foundation of principle. That’s just for losers! You know that something good will emerge from it all — not because it makes sense, but because it’s so disorganized and unprofessional.   

And that’s just your top 10.

*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

6 responses to “Voting for Trump? . . . just 10 of the likely reasons why”

  1. Linda Johnson says:

    You, sir, are extremely uninformed about the typical Trump voter. Stereotyping much?

  2. Scott Packet says:

    This article is written by a complete idiot.

  3. Shelley Wells says:

    Wow. Such passive aggressiveness. You either don’t have any personal relationships with Trump supporters or you live in Bizarro World where everything is opposite of the truth. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or call you a fool, which is by far milder than what you implied about Trumpers.


    What a moronic statement and generalization of miss informed BS. We are trying to keep our country from the Marxists and communists that have taken over the democrat party. You speak of lies, lets review all of Bidens recorded and video recorded lies or have you no access to You Tube? All the violence, attacks and threats are coming from the left. More Trump supporters have been attacked for just wearing red hats or having bumper stickers because people like you cannot accept two points of view.
    You’re a real class act with your closed mind attitude.
    The news media is so biased and screwed up I have to watch Australian news to get the truth and beleive me its not what NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or the rest spew everyday.

  5. Stein says:

    At first I thought this was serious; then I figured that this has to be comedy-nobody really believes what was written here, do they?

    Initially I was going to reply to all ten “points” individually but since I read this in its entirety and will never get that time back I decided not to bother. Nobody really believes what was written here, do they…..?

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