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Volunteers are awesome!

As with any nonprofit, we rely on the support of volunteers for so much of what we do.

When I joined the EHC I immediately recognized how supportive our volunteers are of our organization. We have some of the most dedicated and, certainly, longest serving volunteers in Escondido. We have a variety of service levels. For instance, our board is comprised of volunteers who most definitely go above and beyond as they shoulder some of the responsibility for keeping the Center running.

We also have volunteers who work events, docent in the museum on a weekly basis, not to mention our blacksmiths and wainwrights. We also have volunteers who assist in the office with day-to-day museum activities. In the last year, volunteers from Escondido and Orange Glen High School have also gotten involved. What each of these volunteers will tell you is that they receive enormous personal satisfaction in return for their service as well as our thanks

In the past few months several of our valuable volunteers have passed away: Ernie Liebman, board member; John Kowaleski, blacksmith/ teacher; and Margaret Eller, former Director.

What each of these people exhibited was a passion for service and a dedication to a cause greater than themselves. Most of them volunteered in other areas, not just at the Center, and their presence will be missed by many in Escondido.

We want to encourage people of all ages to find their passion and get involved. We have a wonderful home in Escondido, but nothing good happens without community involvement. We are always searching for dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a docent, getting involved in an event, sitting on a committee, helping with a project, or have a talent you think might benefit the History Center, we encourage you to contact us. We would love to welcome you to our extended family.

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Escondido History Center is located at 321 N Broadway, Escondido. Call Phone: 760-743-8207.

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