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VCMWD sets boundaries for sewer expansion project

The Valley Center Municipal Water District board February 17 took action to create boundaries for the new Woods Valley Ranch Water Reclamation facility expansion project that should lead to the sewering of the South and North Villages in about two years.

The board took the following actions:

• Approved a resolution approving the boundary map for the proposed modification of and annexation to Assessment District No. 2012-1

• Approved a resolution declaring the district’s intention to change and modify certain parcel assessments and annex additional property into Assessment District 2012-1

• Approved a resolution giving preliminary approval of the Assessment Engineer’s Report, setting the time and location for the public hearing and ordering the initiation of assessment ballot procedures for the change and modification of and annexation to Assessment District No. 2012-1.

The district formed Assessment District 2012 in April 2013 to provide a funding source to repay the State Revolving Fund’s low interest loan to fund the Woods Valley Reclamation Facility Expansion Project.

When the project was first proposed the participation level was 350 EDUs (equivalent dwelling units) and 74 parcels for a total project cost of $12.55 million. The modification that the board adopted last week was for 1,095 EDUs and 221 parcels, for a total project cost of $31.91 million.

Some of the facilities that will need to be built as part of the expansion include:

South Village Area
• Low Pressure System
•Grinder Pump Connection
• Orchard Run Lift Station
• Orchard Run Lift Station
• Butterfield Trails
• Low Pressure System
•Grinder Pump Connection
•With Irrigation Area Requirements
North Village Area
• Gravity Connection
• Low Pressure System
•Grinder Pump Connection

Total costs of the project are as follows:

Planning and Design, $2,787,100.

Facilities Construction, Total $27,122,500

Water Reclamation Facility, $15,351,500

Seasonal Storage Facility, $5,858,500

Sewer Collection System, $5,912,500

Land and Easement, $845,000

Administrative and Legal, $1,155,000

TOTAL $31,910, 000

Individual EDUs will be assessed between $24,439–$37,303, depending on the location of their property and what benefits they get from the expansion.

Bids were received for the project on January 29, with CW Roen as the low bidder. Construction is scheduled to begin in May of this year with a projected completion date of November 2016.

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