Escondido, CA

VCMWD meets water conservation goals

Despite reports to the contrary in an area daily newspaper, the Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD) met and slightly exceeded its mandated water usage goals in June.

Last week VCMWD had to deny reports that it had conserved 34.2%, missing its mark of 36% by 1.8%. The information came from a report issued by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and was then reported by the press. But that wasn’t actually accurate.

“Our local calculation had shown a reduction of thirty-nine point one percent,” VCMWD Gen. Mgr. Gary Arant. “Based upon our discussions with the SWRCB staff we now understand that they are counting construction water, water loss, etc. as Domestic and Commercial use in assessing the percentage reduction. In other words, anything that is not commercial ag is considered domestic/commercial by the SWRCB. We had not done that in our local calculation and only reported our domestic and commercial class consumption.”

VCMWD also discovered that in its June, 2015 report to the SWRCB that it had inadvertently reported the new Commercial Ag – Full Price Customer Class usage as Domestic/ Commercial. In a revised submission last week, that consumption data was properly reported as Commercial Ag. “As a result, our Domestic/Commercial conservation rose to 36.8%,” said Arant.

According to SWRCB staff that adjustment will be included in the July, 2015 report due out later in August.

The bottom line: Valley Center water users are meeting Governor Jerry Brown’s mandate for cutting water use.

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