Escondido, CA

Valley Center Road may be getting a roundabout



Members of the Valley Center Com­munity Planning Group approved board member John Vicks’ motion to investi­gate further the potential for installing a roundabout at Mirar de Valle and Valley Center Road.

The motion carried with the sup­port of all board members except James Garritson, local planning board mem­ber who boldly rejects any vote that im­poses government control over private property rights.

Benefits of a roundabout include improved traffic safety over traditional signalized intersections, when appro­priately designed. Circulation elements through traffic studies show that the roundabout causes slowing because of the channeling effect while reducing carbon emissions due to increased fuel efficiency.

Vick outlined the assumptions inher­ent within his proposed investigation as follows:

1. No developers owning property and a planned development on the four corners of this intersection are in oppo­sition and said that they will make the additional land available to accommo­date a safe roundabout.

2. That the development of the roundabout will not slow their project down.

3. The cost of the roundabout over and above the cost of signalization will not be borne by the developers.

4. That a roundabout will not impede emergency vehicles.

5. The County will support a round­about at this location as it will slow traf­fic and reduce serious accidents.

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