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Two shot, one dead during Saturday morning shooting on Grand Ave.

Homicide in the 100 Block of W. Grand Ave.

On 9-22-18 at about 12:56 a.m., Escondido Police Communications received several calls of a shooting taking place at a bar in the 100 block of W. Grand Ave. Once Officers arrived, citizens pointed out the suspect to officers. Officers chased the suspect on foot for several blocks and after a brief struggle, took the suspect into custody. The suspect was identified as Manuel Eliseo Martinez (32 years old), of Escondido.

Two gunshot victims were located and transported to Palomar Hospital. One victim died from his wounds. His identity is being withheld pending family notification. The second victim had non-life threatening injuries and is expected to survive.

EPD Detectives and the Forensic Services Unit responded to investigate the incident. Several witnesses we re interviewed at the scene and the incident appears to be gang related.

Manuel Eliseo Martinez was booked into Vista Jail for the following charges: murder, attempted murder, possession of a weapon to commit an assault, carrying a loaded firearm in public, gang member possessing a firearm, possession of a controlled substance for sales, felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and resisting arrest.

Per witness at scene- 3 hispanic males leave Pounders Sports Bar to go to their vehicle which is described as a light brown Chevy Silverado, they do a burn out and take off speeding. Two of the passengers are then dropped off at the end of the street. The two males walk toward the bar and the suspect wearing a hat and grey sweater pulls out a handgun, points it at a patrons head and the other male who was wearing a white shirt punches him. Another patron jumps for the male with the gun but is unsuccessful and gets shot three times. Upon their escape, at some point a 4th shot goes off which hits the other male who arrived with the suspect. Witnesses state that male was later pronounced dead. The third male/driver fled the scene.


2 responses to “Two shot, one dead during Saturday morning shooting on Grand Ave.”

  1. cw says:

    Ok this is going to sound crazy or like a real longshot , oun not intended it just worked out this way, but so far this is the closest explanation to what my mom and i heard last night well today i guess it was after midnight and close to 1am i thought i heard 5 shots but maybe it was 4. was not even sure if it was actual gunshots until i walked into my room and heard shots fired on a police show that was on tv and realized how identical it was to the sounds we just heard outside (no my tv wasnt loud enough to hear from out front plus it was on mute til i went back to watch it)
    so it wasnt a backfire from the freeway nor fireworks or firecrackers although i did hear that swoosh like sound after each shot so who knows.
    im very puzzled. not just at how people can just shoot people like its nothing, that i will never really understand. however if this incident is what i heard, thats pretty gifted or cursed since i couldnt do anything about it.

  2. carrie says:

    actually im pretty sure i heard these gunshots and from kind of far away and im positive i heard 5 shots

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