Escondido, CA

Two dozen water customers lose service due to pipe break

Water service to a small neighborhood of about 26 customers remains off on Tuesday afternoon, as of about 2 p.m.  At the same time roads are closed in the vicinity of the break, according to Chris McKinney, utilities director for the City of Escondido.

A 12 inch water main break occurred Tuesday morning about 3:10 a.m. near the intersection of Pine & 7th Avenue, near Centre City Parkway. Several thousand gallons of water were lost before the pipe was shut off.

The pipe is an old steel main about 50 years old, said McKinney. “When they drained the water pipe it looked like the seam gave way, and the water was coming out like a sheet at the bottom of the pipe.”

“Assuming the repairs go well, we hope to be able to reopen the roads and restore service by about 8 p.m. tonight,” he said.


One response to “Two dozen water customers lose service due to pipe break”

  1. Jesús Ramón says:

    Roads weren’t even open until the following day There were still working on the road until almost 3 in the morning

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