Escondido, CA

Treasury candidate withdraws

John W. Trudell, who is one of five candidates for Escondido treasurer on the November ballot, has announced that he is withdrawing from the race.

Trudell sent out the following statement: “I made the decision to run for the office of Escondido City Treasurer to serve my community. However, since I filed my campaign papers personal issues and pending surgeries will limit my ability to serve. I have met another of the candidates running for office – Ryan Clark whom, in my opinion, would make an outstanding Treasurer. He would accomplish every goal that is important to me. He and I share a particularly important value – we are both veterans who have served our country in a foreign war. I have decided to withdraw from the campaign and throw all my support to Ryan Clark. My name will still appear on the ballot but any person who might have voted for me should cast his or her vote for Ryan. Escondido will be a better City if he is elected.”

That leaves four candidates: Ryan T. Clark, Robroy R. Fawcett, Blaise J. Jackson and Douglas W. Shultz. The Times-Advocate has interviewed three of the candidates, Clark, Shultz and Fawcett and hopes to interview Jackson at some point. Interviews are posted on this website.

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