Escondido, CA

Transitions happening this week on road widening project

Observant motorists will have noticed this week that some changes are taking place in the Valley Parkway/Valley Center Road Widening Project which is passing the day 200 mark since work began on the less than a mile long strip of land that begins where Valley Parkway intersects Lake Wohlford Road.
For one thing, the permanent northbound lane has opened up.
The subcontractor last week completed the last portion of the 8 foot sound wall along the east side of the project this week. The prime contractor completed the importing of material required for the construction of bio retention basin #5 located along Valley Center Road.
Striping along the new roadway was completed Sunday and Monday during the night. And once it was in place the northbound traffic was shifted onto the newly constructed roadway along Valley Parkway and Valley Center Road.
South bound vehicle traffic will be transitioned by Wednesday, May 23 also during another night time operation.
The installation of the new traffic signal poles at the Lake Wohlford intersection and 7 street lights along the east side of the project are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

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