Escondido, CA
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Today’s rains will be especially helpful this summer, says local water GM

The nearly torrential rains that have graced North County will be very helpful this summer, says Rincon Del Diablo General Manager Greg Thomas. Rincon serves a portion of Escondido with its boundaries.

“The rains of February and the heavy deluge last week have been extremely beneficial to the state’s water situation, reducing drought across the entire state, and stockpiling 120% of normal water content for the Sierras.  This will be important throughout the summer, as the Sierras provide the state needed water during the hot and dry summer and fall months,” Thomas told The Times-Advocate.  

“Our customers have benefited locally, as the soaking rain and cooler temps significantly reduces outdoor irrigation water use, greatly aiding in conservation and saving customers money.  Our systems did not experience any issues due to the heavy rains, a credit to the diligent operations and maintenance of the system over the past decade,” said Thomas.

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