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Time to read my sample ballot

How about a potpourri of comments this week starting off with another announcement regarding the upcoming election. This past Saturday in the mail I received my sample ballot. Now we take some time to read candidate ballot statements and a quick read of the condensed version of the state propositions. We have to wait for the full sized pamphlet which should arrive soon and read the arguments for and against each of the twelve, holy moly, yes twelve state propositions on this already lengthily ballot. Oh, take your time and as I said two weeks ago READ, READ and READ again.

As I write this column, today is Yom Kippur the holiest day of the year for those of the Jewish faith and I thought this would be perfect for all of us to take some time to observe with them the Day of Atonement. If you are Catholic perhaps you feel your confessions suffice however I believe it does not hurt to use this day to take an introspection of one’s self and repent for this past year’s misdeeds and/or transgressions. I just wish we weren’t dealing with COVID-19 and take the opportunity to shake hands with and hug one another. I miss that.

Are you aware that Escondido will soon have the first vending machine for automobiles in San Diego County? A very attractive 8 story Carvana will occupy the space where Talone’s Meats once stood. This concept no doubt was born out of the elevator garages that have been installed the past few years in an effort to conserve space. Think about it. You walk up to the building, aka vending machine, much as you would to a soda machine swipe your credit or debit card punch the button of your car choice and voila down and out comes your car. Okay, I stretch the truth a bit but you get the idea.

How about no internal combustion engines to be sold in California after 2035. Will gas stations still be allowed to dispense fuel for gas powered vehicles? Do we sell all of our gas cars to every other state and country in the world? Canada sounds like a good market. Forget China as they are working to do away with oil consumption and concentrate on coal to produce energy and not being that knowledgeable in gas production I do not think gasoline is a byproduct of coal. Another question is what will OPEC do? Not sure.

The latest innovation to traffic control is communities incorporating roundabouts at various busy intersections. Of course this is nothing new as major cities many decades ago had them many decades ago like Paris or Mexico City. Then I thought about Freehold, NJ. Many years ago there was a large traffic circle near the Freehold Raceway which was a very exciting part of driving to the shore. In California that would be the beach. When I was back there about ten years ago that circle had been replaced with a four way controlled intersection. Traffic lights. Interesting how one coast eliminates roundabouts and the other coast says this is a great idea. And I bet some of these traffic engineers graduated from the same universities.

And speaking of Jersey, people from New Jersey just say we are from Jersey either North, Central or South, Tommy Devito died last week. He was one of the original Jersey Boys better known as The Four Seasons— still my favorite. I was living in Jersey at the time the group emerged to become one of the top rock-n-roll groups and continued a fantastic run in spite of the Beatles coming to America on Feb, 7, 1964. It was almost like David vs. Goliath when the Four Seasons produced “Rag Doll” to compete successfully against the Beatles. You may know other singers of note (no pun intended) from Jersey like Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, Bruce Springsteen or John Bongiovi aka Jon BonJovi.

A final note. Be prepared to see the appearance of numerous, and I mean numerous due to the number of candidates seeking office, campaign signs beginning this Sunday, October 4. Can’t wait.

Plate of the week is 2SURFCA. No board on the roof but obviously a surfer.

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