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Editor, Times-Advocate:

We read with great interest your article (February 9, 2017) re: the city of Escondido’s Scoping Meeting about the proposal to revitalize the Escondido Country Club community.

What was glaringly absent from the article was any mention of our organization, Renewal of the Country Club (ROCC), which represents a growing number of Country Club residents who support the proposed project.

Unlike ECCHO, we are working to bring positive change to the Country Club community. We have been in talks with New Urban West and believe that by working together we can end this long community nightmare, which has gone on now for almost four years.

The current proposal is a good one. It would set aside more than 40% of the property as open space, and include miles of walking trails, a new clubhouse and restaurant, as well as a community farm. Just as important, the project will have 35% fewer homes than what is allowed by the city of Escondido.

Instead of trying to find a solution, ECCHO is holding out for a miracle – that someday the golf course might reopen. That’s not going to happen. It will cost millions of dollars to get that course in operable condition again, and no one – including ECCHO – has ever offered to pay for it.

It’s time to move forward. This proposal is worthy of our support and ROCC is committed to seeing it realized.

JOHN DELONG and BUDDY FLEMINGS, Founding Members, Renewal of the Country Club

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