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Time For An Exam


The chaotic non-results of the 2020 presidential election were not surprising. Election observers have warned that making so many fundamental changes to the election rules would lead to delays and unreliable results. 

Trying to bring more people into the system may have the best intentions, but watch out for the Law of Unintended Consequences. Going forward, our nation has to homogenize the federal election process. We can’t have every state making their own rules. Locally, they can do whatever they want, but nationally, there has to be consistency. 

Unfortunately millions of Americans are convinced the 2020 process was corrupted. Right or wrong, this is culturally unacceptable. Perception is reality and we deserve a reliable process to exercise our franchise. I would argue that since we introduced relaxed absentee and late or damaged ballot processing, the amount of variation in reporting of results has increased exponentially. 

It is almost normal to see voting trends reverse themselves overnight. 

Now we are being told that Joe Biden drew ten million more votes than Barack Obama. Pundits tell us that Biden’s election was a referendum on Trump, and it indicated a strong rejection of the man himself. Yet he pulled ten million more votes than he did when he won in 2016. He increased his share of black, Latino and women voters. He not only didn’t lose any votes, he gained ten million more! Joe Biden is not Barack Obama! He is not Hillary Clinton. He is not a leading man in Hollywood. He was not a good campaigner. He doesn’t inspire people. So his claim to fame is he is not Donald Trump?

Are we supposed to believe that not only did every person that voted for Hillary vote for Biden, but of the 21 million new voters since 2016 Biden won nearly 80% of them? I personally know many Hillary supporters that voted for Trump this time, so that assumption is suspicious, at best.

Statistically, there are enormous anomalies that raise red flags, so the President’s legal team has instigated a series of lawsuits. They say they have evidence of improprieties that violate Federal law.

It has been six weeks and the media is howling, “Where is the evidence of voter fraud?” Anyone that uses alternate sources for information knows there is a lot of evidence, but most Americans aren’t afforded the opportunity to see it. Be that as it may be, here’s the rub: In any legal process, there is a burden of proof, and it is up to the challenger to provide it. In major lawsuits against Big Tobacco or Big Oil where fraud and evidence tampering are involved, the challenger is allowed a substantial amount of time to gather evidence.

Trump’s allegations are very serious and imply major crimes may have been committed. The idea that Trump’s Team is taking too long to investigate what some allege could be the largest incidence of voter fraud ever uncovered, is ludicrous. It is going to take time. If it takes months or even a year or two, so be it.

When the government goes after Medicare fraud, Ponzi schemes, or tax evaders, nobody complains if it takes years to prosecute. So I wonder why there are so many Democrats pushing to rush this investigation? Wouldn’t any American patriot want to know if our voting system is corrupted? If there is nothing to hide, why rush? 

More importantly, if Biden supporters actually did rig the election, do you think we will ever know about it once his appointees are in charge of the investigation? Americans should all be eager to know how trustworthy our election system is, or isn’t. This is a good time to give the voting system a complete physical exam.

Rick Elkin is an artist, author and columnist. All of his work including his most recent book, The Illusion of Knowledge: Why So Many Educated Americans Embrace Marxism is available at

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3 responses to “Time For An Exam”

  1. Stein says:

    Pretty unrealistic to think that someone who did not campaign or hold any rallies, had no platform, and ran with an early nominee dropout could win from his basement. I am no expert, but something smells fishy here……

    • Robert g says:

      I’m a hardcore Republican and have voted by party since I was of age to vote. I voted for Trump in 16 but observing his behaviors over the last four years forced me to vote for Biden this run. My vote was not for Biden rather was against another four years of a reality tv president that cares only for himself. Make the presidency boring again.

  2. Stein says:

    “My vote was not for Biden”.

    I believe that a lot of folks did the same. I also believe that after hearing him speak about what he will do (masks required for first 100 days, for example) would have folks thinking differently if the election were held today.

    I would not want to hang out with President Trump but it is crystal clear to me that he loves this Country. Tone down the tweets (although he was so blasted by the media that he probably had no other way to get his message out) and strip away his braggadocio and look at his accomplishments. My guess is that after some time passes and the “blow hard” reputation passes we will see that he truly was one of the greatest Presidents the Country has ever had.


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